Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion: Alligator Skin Be Gone!

Hi everybody,

Since last weekend, the weather in my neck of the wood took a big nose dive: from 85 degrees Fahrenheit in Friday evening to chilly 54 degrees in Saturday afternoon! Overnight, I went from wearing slinky t-shirt to layering everything I could get my hands on. In a sense, I practice the "wearing everything" technique that Joey Tribbiani from "Friends" did. While I get a break from the heat and humidity in mid October, cold weather comes with its own woe: crackly, scaly alligator skin. Every year, I want to turn the Earth upside down to find the perfect moisturizer for my body. You know, the one that add just enough amount of moisture without leaving a film on my skin. This year, I may even come close to having a break for this problem.

All hail...

...the new Vaseline Sheer Infusion body lotion!

Recently, I got an opportunity to try the new Vaseline Sheer Infusion with Stratys-3 body lotion. The last time I used a Vaseline Intensive care product was a really long time ago and my favorite one was the cucumber scented one. While the old Vaseline products are cheaper and more available, they are petroleum based products. Hence, they tend to sit on top of my skin and make them feel filmy. I've been looking high and low for a body lotion that does not make me feel that way but they either are under or over moisturized. Being let down so many times, I did not think Vaseline Sheer Infusion would be that much different from the other guys.

However, the claim of having "light, silky" skin is very tempting.
So I took a plunge and opened up a bottle.

The three ingredients that make a difference in the new Vaseline body lotion are:
  • Glycerol quad: a quadratic effect of glycerin to moisturize the top layer of stratum corneum (surface skin);
  • Glycerin: a natural humectant that moisturizes the core layer of stratum corneum;
  • Hydroxy ethyl urea: a small sized synthetic molecule that is able to penetrate to lower layers of the stratum corneum. Like glycerin, HEU also has moisturizing property.
Ingredient list

To me, this body lotion is interesting: while it does have a silky and lightweight feeling, it does not seem to sink well into not-so-dry skin. My arms usually are the last place to crack and it took a while for the lotion to absorb. However, in areas that are dry like my legs, knees, elbows, and cuticles, the Vaseline Sheer Infusion just sink right in as if it is at home! For a very long time, my cuticles have been dry and itch like mad. I have a tendency to pick and peel the skin around my thumbs off when they feel itchy. However, after applying this new lotion, I see a change in my cuticles: they are softened up and become less itchy to a point that I don't feel like peeling them off anymore. Also, another positive thing is after washing my hands, the skin still feels soft and most times, I do not have the urge to re-moisturize my hands.

Vaseline Sheer Infusion body lotion comes in 3 different formulas:
  • Mineral Renewal: contains minerals available in healthy skin and smells like the original Vaseline scent in the yellow bottle. In a sense, it smells kinda manly;
  • Vitamin Burst: contains vitamins B5 and E, has citruscy scent. If you need to feel energized, this is for you;
  • Botanical Blend: contains cypress and eucalyptus extracts. It reminds me of the cucumber Vaseline body lotion with a dash of baby powder. Out of the three, this is my favorite.
Currently, these body lotions are available at mass-market and drugstores in two sizes: 6.8 oz bottles (the ones I got) at $5.99 USD and 13.5 oz pumps at $8.99. While the prices are more expensive than those of the regular Vaseline Intensive Care, you do not need to use a lot to moisturize your body. I find a drop of lotion can moisturize my hand and I do not have to reapply as often. These body lotion do last longer.

While I am happy with Sheer Infusion, I can't help but notice methyl- and propylparaben being used as preservatives. I guess the perfect body lotion is still out there for me to find but for now, this one is here to stay.

My rating: A-, points taken off for having parabens as preservative.

For those who want to know more about this product, please visit Vaseline Sheer Infusion website. You can get a $1.50 USD coupon there as well.

Disclaimer: I received these new bottles of Vaseline Sheer Infusion body lotion from a PR representative. After giving them a try, I found them to perform well on my skin and hence, I wrote a review. The above review reflects my personal and unbiased experience and opinion to the products. I neither have any monetary gain or endorse this product in this review.

That's all, folks! Did you give Vaseline Sheer Infusion a try? What do you think about it? Comment, ok?


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