How to Revive Your Mascara

Hello, lovely folks!

Some couple of days ago, while preparing to go out I realized my new L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion mascara became clumpy. "Wait, what happened?" I said. "I got this thing about a month ago and do not use it that much. What's up, mascara?"

Right then and there, I had choices to make: I either could toss it or salvage it. To toss it could have been easy but the trouble I have to go through to get another one is just not worth it. "What if the next mascara I buy sucks?" I thought. Although this one is not perfect, I know how to work it. So I decided to salvage my dear ole mascara.

It's actually a simple process to revive an old (but not less than 3 month old*) mascara. You'll need these items:

Clumpy mascara, a glass or a mug, some hot water

Hot tap water works but it takes longer time. Usually, I put some water in a mug and nuke it in a microwave oven for a minute to get hot water. (That's how I get hot water for tea, people!)

Then dunk said mascara in the glass of hot water for 5 minutes.
If the material still looks clumpy, tighten the mascara and dunk it some more.
  • make sure the water does not pass the line between the tube and the cap, otherwise you'll have one soggy (and useless mascara);
  • tighten the cap before you dunk!

The mascara was salvaged! I saved the mascara and about 10 dollars!

*More than 3 month old mascaras should be thrown away, unless you dig pinkeye (conjunctivitis.) Please use this trick only when your mascara is fairly new (mine is about 1 month old) and you really want to save it.

This is a money saving trick, folks! If you have other tricks to revive your mascara, please let me know. Also, if you have tried this trick, please share the result. I'd love to hear from you


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