Thanksgiving Afterglow

Although Thanksgiving is so last week, in my mind Turkey Day is still hot. This year is the year that I enjoyed this holiday for what it really is by being thankful for what I have and who I surround myself with. Also, it was the most peaceful and beautiful Thanksgiving Day I've experienced. There is a lot of thanks into that. During that one week that I had to drop everything to take care of business, I was worried if you guys are still here for me. Some of you left encouraging messages and I am very thankful for that. What surprised me the most was the number of page views actually increased during the time I left! So for all of you who have been with me and take time to welcome my blog into your life, you need to know that I am very thankful for your time!

I'm still glowing from within after Thanksgiving so I guess I'll share my T-day meal with you:

Mr. Turkey in his full glory :)
He's really yummy!

Most of the items for Thanksgiving lunch
(clockwise, L-R) collard greens ('cuz we live in the South!), home-made gravy, roasted vegetables, corn bread (again, it's the Southerners' food!), home-made stuffing, and a hint of my cranberry-banana bread

The visible banana bread at the bottom left of the picture

With smashed sweet potato on the bottom right corner of the picture
We decided to be healthy this year and went with sweet potatoes. The dish was very tasty as sweet potatoes have lots of minerals and fibers

Compared to last year, this year we have much more food. Except for the corn bread that was made from the box, everything else were cooked from scratch! My roommate and I could not even believe ourselves that we did all those! I did not take the pictures of the desserts. We had apple cobbler which was really yummy and cranberry-chocolate cake which was off the chain! The later is an excuse to eat more dessert as the two main ingredients are choke full of antioxidants!

I have to give thanks to various cooking shows that I took ideas from: Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, and America's Test Kitchen (which is a part of Cook Illustrated.) If you guess that I love to cook then you are correct. However, I am not as meticulous as Martha Stewart. I prefer my meals to be as spontaneous as possible after understanding the principles behind them.

Have a happy day, everyone!

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