Olay Professional: Oh Really?

Once in a while I receive emails that make me want to smack myself in the head and scream a little bit. And unfortunately for y'all, I received one this morning from Olay. Before we continue any further, let me give you some background story between Olay and I. As we all know, my skin is acne-prone and sensitive and I tried a lot of products to keep it moisturized without aggravating my acne. From low end to high end, none of them worked until that fateful day when I picked up my first Olay moisturizer. After that, my skin is looking good and I love my Olay. The products work very well and the prices are cheap. Also, you can always find Olay coupons in your Sunday newspaper or get them online from Olay website. How swell is that?

In this economy, I am praying that people trade their fancy La Mer for some Olay because the later one is much more affordable and available. However, Olay decided to bump up their prestige by releasing a new skincare line tomorrow called Olay Professional:

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The first three products to be released are:

1. Age repair lotion SPF 30 (1.0 oz) : sun protection, moisturization, and anti-aging appearance benefit.
2. Eye restoration complex (0.3 oz): specialized treatment for dark circles, puffy eyes, and crow feet.
3. Wrinkle smoothing cream (1.0 oz): smooth uneven textures with moistures and combat the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Although at this point the prices are not announced, rumors have it that the starting price would be around $40 USD neighborhood. And no, they're not sold at Neiman Marcus of Nordstroms at all! They are going to be sold at your local drugstores and chain food stores. At 40 dollars a piece, Olay is inching towards the Clinique/Estee Lauder circle and I really hope the products are better than what Olay already produced. I can't imagine what is going to be better than Definity as it is the top-of-the-line skincare line from Olay.

However, for the extra $10 off and free shipping and the first dib to Olay Professional products, please feel free to go to their website and sign in for more information. And no, I'm not affiliated with Olay or anything, I simply post this because it's something very new and strange for Olay to do. I do wish them luck (and if they send me freebies, I'll appreciate it!)

(Just ignore the last part in the bracket! That's me trying to be humorous!)

Take care ladies (and gents!)
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