Adorned with Grace Mineral Foundation is LOVE!

Ever since I introduced you to Adorned with Grace (AwG) mineral makeup, I fell in love with every single product I've ever tried. Recently, I placed an order of samples from AwG to try and among the samples were some foundations to test out. My current mineral foundation from Silk Naturals all of the sudden made my face look bumpy and the coverage is not that great. For the regular coverage, I need 3-4 layers and for medium coverage foundation, 2-3 layers are needed but the foundations do not melt on my face like it used to. Perhaps my skin is a bit dryer than usual?

Franchesca from AwG and I emailed each other back and forth and she gave me some suggestions of foundation colors to match my skin. We narrowed down to Grace and Faith. Grace is a peach olive golden group of foundation while Faith is golden. I ordered Grace 3.5 and 4.0 and Franchesca was kind enough to include Grace and Faith 4.2 for me to try "just in case". I'm so glad to contact her via email instead of just blindly ordered what I thought would be suitable for me. She saved me a lot of time and agony to find my perfect match (foundation of course!)

Samples of Grace foundations
(L-R): Grace 4.2, 4.0 and 3.5
Although they look kind of similar, Grace 4.2 is indeed darker than 4.0

Faith 4.2 sample in a 3 gram jar

Although the samples come in the little baggies, I found them more comfortable to stay in the jar. Each foundation samples have about 1/2 teaspoon of powder and the coverage is excellent. I only need 2 layers of foundation for my whole face. AwG foundation is nothing like any mineral foundations I've tried before: the texture is silky, the application is smooth, and the coverage is excellent. On top of that, the foundation is not heavy at all and I feel like my skin can breath. Franchesca formulates her foundations to be used as concealer and they seem to work well that way too.

Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, magnesium stearate, and iron oxides.
Cost per sample: 1 dollar, you can save more by ordering the 15 samples for $12 USD package.
Cost per jar: $13.49 USD for about 8 grams of powder in a 30 gram jar. Shipping is free at the moment.

So which one of the samples match my skin tone? Click "Read More" to find out :)

First attempt: 1 layer of Grace 3.5 over 1 layer of Grace 4.0
In this picture I only had foundation and nothing else.

Second attempt: Faith 4.2 foundation
Please ignore my stank eyes, I was so wigged out that day!
Had some blush, lipstick and eyeshadows that you can't see :)

Third attempt: Grace 4.0 foundation
Had blush, eyeshadows, and lipstick (you will see this look again in another entry!)

Please notice that the pictures were taken in different days and different lightnings. I did not try Grace 4.2 because the foundation is too dark for me. Maybe it will be suitable when I have a tan. Right now my best option is Grace 3.5 mixed with Grace 4.0 but if I get lazy, 3.5 works just fine. Franchesca's foundations are very forgiving as long as you are in the right undertone group.

If you are shy and don't want to bother Franchesca, here's an entry that she wrote to help you find your match. Franchesca is a very nice person and also very helpful to her customers. I truly enjoy my foundation samples and after I finish them, I will definitely order the full size ones.

So if you are looking for a new foundation or want to try mineral makeup, please give Adorned with Grace a try. Franchesca ships orders out very fast and she also includes some samples for you to try as well.

Happy Monday and Happy Columbus Day, ladies! I hope you are doing fabulously for the whole week. Have fun and take care!

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