Lippie Week- Day 4: Wet n Wild #666 Creme Lip Liner

Perhaps the most difficult part of hosting a Lippie Week is to select the best products that are worthy enough to be mentioned. So far we have a lip treatment and two lipsticks. The product that's on the spotlight today may sounds odd to some of y'all who don't shop for makeup at drugstores but I guarantee you this thing is legendary among makeup junkies. More than once that I stumbled into blogs that reviewed this famous number 666 lip liner. "You must have it or your life is incomplete!", they all said. So one faithful day, I rolled into a Walgreens and came out with this cult-favorite of a lip liner, Wet n Wild #666. And you know what's the best part of it? I only paid 99 cents!

"So Dao, what's so cracked up about this product?", you may ask. Well my dear ladies, for once and for all, let me set the record straight: I really love it and I believe this lip liner deserves its status as a Holy Grail cult-fave lip liner. Why?

Although the real name is "Brandy Wine", this lip liner is known as #666
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First of all, the name itself has a certain sinister spot in it: who would number their product "666" but Wet n Wild? I once stayed in a hotel room with the same number by myself and the only bad part was it was close to the road as well as the street light. But that was it! The number is just a number, although it's kind of bad-a$$ to say, "Hey, I use the 666 liner!"

Secondly, the lip liner is universally flattering. If you have noticed, most of my lipsticks that I've mentioned so far have the same characteristic: universally flattering. And if you're wondering why, let me tell you: it's difficult to find a good lipstick/gloss/liner that you can use over and over again. Some days you just want to put something on your lips without thinking if it matches the rest of your face and outfit. And these universally flattering colors, my dear lovely ladies, are life savers! Moreover, it's much better to recommend something for you when I don't get to see how you look.

Last but not least, the product is not tested on animals. Yes, it's cruelty free! For those of you who cares about the animals, Wet n Wild does not test any of their products on them so you can look and feel pretty by knowing no animals were harmed during the process. And for 99 cents a piece, what are you waiting for?

During the week that I bought this lip liner, I actually went to MAC to find one that goes with everything. One MAC makeup artist recommended a lipliner that I did not like so I went to Walgreens and got the 666 instead. Although it looks dark in the pencil, when applied it's more of a neutral brownish color. It in fact, works with a lot of different lipstick colors that I have. It's really creamy and glides effortlessly on my lips. When you applied with more pressure, it works well with darker colors but when applied lightly and blend out more, this lip liner also works with lighter lipsticks.
Works perfectly well with MAC Viva Glam V lipstick

Also works well with a much lighter Avon Glazewear lipstick in Champagne Glow

So if you haven't owned this wonderful lip liner, please for the love of makeup, go ahead and get it! It only costs you 99 cents and works well with lots of colors. I'm serious, go get it girls! If you already experienced the wonderful number 666 liner, please share the experience by commenting. I'd love to hear all about it!

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