Fantasy Makers Nail Polish in Black Rose: A Rose is a Rose

You know the holiday season is near when stores started selling Halloween stuff. To some people, Halloween is like Christmas when you can wear fancy clothes and act all naughty (yeah you, I'm talking to you, whoever you are!)

Just kidding, y'all! To be honest with you, I am not such a big fan of Halloween for adults but for kids, it's fun for them. They get to dress up in really cute outfit and get candies. One year, my cousins' children got about 10 lbs of candies cumulatively. Needless to say, they did not get to eat all of the sweet as we did not want any hyper children running around the house :)

When I went grocery shopping, I saw this very goth brand of makeup for Halloween called Fantasy Makers. The line was created from the same folks that brought us Wet n Wild, my favorite budget drugstore makeup line. I was interested in some items but this beautiful gem caught my eyes:

Dark, mysterious and shaped like a bell. What the heck is it?
It's Fantasy Makers nail polish in Black Rose. Invert it and it looks like this:

Beautiful, isn't it?

I was interested in the rose shaped glass bottle. It's so gorgeous that it almost took my breath away. Moreover, I paid about $2.50 USD for the bottle and the black nail polish did not suck. In fact, it's the darkest and shiniest black nail polish available in drugstore.

I came home, filed my nails short and applied ONE single coat of nail polish over the base coat. Only one coat and my nails looked so dark and lovely in the above picture. I don't know about Chanel Black Satin but I'm in love with Fantasy Makers Black Rose. There is another nail polish color called "Red Rose" in this collection and you can see a peak of it on my thumb nail in the second picture. Between the two, Black Rose is the champ and I love it. This color is also my first black nail polish and I usually do not wear nail polishes, left alone dark ones.

Some couple of tips for dark nail polish wearer:
  • You need a good base coat, stat! Unless you want stained black nails after removing the dark colors, a good base coat is necessary. I use one from Avon and it helps my nail polish stay put much longer with minimal chippings.
  • You also need a good top coat: there's nothing worse than chipped and dull black nails. A good top coat will keep those two things from happening to you and shiny black nails do look very posh. I went to the mall with my black nail polished fingers and the SAs actually paid attention to me, wow!
I've worn this nail polish for more than a week now and chippings are minimal. The color is really shiny and until today, it still looks lovely on me. So for $2.50 USD, this product is really good. I don't know if this line will stay beyond Halloween or not so if you can find it, please get yourself some. I got mine in Wal-mart but others also found Fantasy Makers items at Walgreens as well. Since it's fall season, I think dark nail colors go well with those dark, sultry, and mysterious eye makeup looks that people sport around everywhere.

It's good to get out of your own comfort zone once in a while. My experience with black nail polish is enjoyable and I'm glad to try it. If you are already hooked with the dark nail looks and have some tips to maintain 'em, please do share! I'd love to hear from you.

Take care,
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