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Today is Friday, yay! I always feel more relaxed on Friday and as relaxed as I am right now, let's do something a bit different today. Let's not talk about FOTD, product review, upcoming LE, etc etc. However, let's discuss a little bit of what we want to see from our favorite Canadian makeup company MAC and their our LE's if we ever got to sit in the chair of a MAC creative director.

First of all, words on the street have it that MAC and Sanrio will have a colaboration coming out in spring 2009. And you know who's ruling the Sanrio empire, ya? It's Hello Kitty y'all. Imagine MAC and Hello Kitty, hello? Awesomely fantabulous girlish pinkish collection!

Image courtesy of NY Magazine

According to NY Mag and other sources, the release of this collection will follow the trend set by Barbie Loves MAC and Fafi collection which were released in February. However, "A M.A.C representative would neither confirm nor deny the deal." Interesting, I say. Morever, I really want to see it happen because (a) Barbie Loves MAC was da bomb, and (b) Fafi rocked my world. So if Hello Kitty decided to join team MAC, it would not be a bad thing for us, after all. Just imagine the cute Hello Kitty image on your lip glass, people. Just imagine.

Here are some other collaborations that I pray to happen, as I'm relaxed and bored happy:

1. MAC and Marc Jacobs:

Marc Jacobs and Selma Blair
Image from

If MAC ever get to collaborate with Marc Jacobs, the great American fashion designer of our time, all of us MAC fans will go crazy! Technically, it can be a possibility because in the past, Alexander McQueen and Heatherette already did their collections. In September, Ungaro also will release his and Ungaro is a huge and mainstream couture brand. On top of that, MJ never did a makeup collection before so there's a possibility. However, MJ is already the head of his company and also the creative director for Louis Vuitton so he probably do not have time. Nevertheless, if you wish, it may come true.

2. MAC and Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham
Image from Expo Say

To me, Vicky B is a person whom you either love or hate. The Victoria Beckham we see today is a far cry of Miss Victoria Adams from the Spice Girls. The pob did not just happen overnight as well as that tan and that cold look oh hers. However, to be fair, this woman is packed full of ferocity and fierceness that I've ever seen in anybody else. Plus her husband David is just hot.

Fashion-wise, Victoria Beckham is on top of her game and has a great sense of style. I only wish she can translate it to a makeup collection somehow.

3. Mac for MAC

Mr. Jobs looked fierce while holding the MacBook Air

This one is for the geeks, I mean, science folks. How wonderful the world would be if Steve Jobs collaborated with MAC? Besides, "Mac for MAC" sounds cool, right? And on top of that, Steve Jobs is a marketing genius. Who would name a thin and lightweight laptop "MacBook Air"? Nobody but Monsieur Jobs, I say. Who would have thought of the iPods and iPhones? Nobody else but him.

Imagine what would happen if "Mac for MAC" were released? Multi-functional lipstick that can also works as a lipgloss, liner, highligher, blush, etc. Like an iPhone but in a form of a lipstick. And you can use it to check your email, listen to music, and text messages too! And it would be housed in that sleek and shiny white package that's actually smaller than the size of your regular lipstick. Awesome!

You know what's the best part of it? The lipstick will come with a monthly service plan, kind of like the iPhone plan at AT&T. Release date: sometime in July, then around Thanksgiving the price will go down just in time for the holiday season. Ah, I'm just having so much fun thinking about all these!

Who else do you think MAC should collaborate with? Give me a comment and we'll discuss about it. I think this topic is fun.

Take care y'all and have a nice weekend.
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