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Hi ladies,

TGIF, everyone! Fall is officially here and this weekend is the first weekend of fall, how exciting is that? I can't wait for the temperature to cool down a bit as it's hot where I live. Also, fall (or autumn for British folks) is my favorite season of the year where I get to see the most drastic and wonderful change in landscape.

Kia from Yummy411 posted her fall wish list and she tagged everyone who read hers. So poor me have to write my own list because I don't want to mess with Ms. Yummy (I'm kidding Kia, love y'all!)

My Makeup Blog Fall Wish List

1. NARS Super Orgasm blush:
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This is a more pigmented version of the famed Orgasm blush. As we all know, O-blush is coveted as a universally flattering blush color but it's more toward the pale-medium skin tone ladies. Darker ladies simply can't make this blush show on their skin because it's really sheer. Super O, on the other hand, is more pigmented. Right now it's a LE at Sephora but will be in NARS's holiday line up.

2. Make Up For Ever HD Micro Perfecting Primer:

"Not to prime is a crime"- Napoleon Perdis
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I do agree with Mr. Perdis with a really cool first name: priming your face does make your foundation glide better and keep it longer. Since I use mineral makeup, I really need a good primer that does not clog my pores. So far the ones that have dimethicone make my pores congested and this one does have it. However, since it's a color-correcting primer, I think I can get away with not wearing makeup. I hope I can get my hands on a sample to try because I'm really curious.

3. MAC Russian Red lipstick:

I think I'm ready for Russian Red and I've been in a bold lip mood lately. This lipstick is really famous as Madonna wore it in her Blonde Ambition tour during the 80s. It's described as "true red" and right now, I need it!

4. Warm clothings:

A part of living in the Sunshine State is you get to wear really thin layers of winter clothes. My friends from the North who came here during the fall/winter used to walk around in short sleeve t-shirts while I bundled myself up from head to toes. So this year I make sure to get a nice wool coat before they stop selling them.

5. Accessories, nail polishes, and perfumes:

I'm actually feel comfortable not to get them because I have enough of the stuff. Plus I don't wear nail polishes and I already found my niche perfumes (those that smell quite similar to each other.)

However, if I have to get a bottle of perfume for myself, this is what I would get:

Estee Lauder Sensuous
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That's all for today, folks! What are in your wish list for fall? Please leave a comment because you know I'd love to hear from you.

Have a nice weekend,
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P.S: Update on MAC Ungaro release date: 9/30/08 (online) and 10/09/08 (in store). If you want to order online, here's a free shipping code: CS91LIVECHAT.
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