Feminine FOTD: A Haiku to MAC Emanuel Ungaro Collection

Hi Ladies,

Do you know what day is it? It's the day MAC Emanuel Ungaro is supposed to be on sale! Apparently MAC decided to move the release date of this collection to 10/08/08, boo! I was really looking forward to this collection but apparently we all have to wait a bit longer. Ungaro is famous for his feminine style with a lot of pink, purple, and brown. After studying the line-up for MAC Emanuel Ungaro, I realize I can make a look using products that are similar to the ones in this LE. My goal is to create a feminine look that is cheerful and soft.

The feminine FOTD

Close up on the eye
What I used:

Schematic explained below
Cheeks: Maybelline Pure Blush in Pure Passion (retired item from Maybelline)
Lips: MAC Plink! lustre lipstick topped with a pinker lipstick to try to dupe Pure Rose lipstick.

Bonus cheesy shot for y'all!

Now here's the part that I'm trying to write a haiku:

Oh MAC Ungaro!
You immerse me in gorgeous
There you have it: a FOTD and a haiku! How good is it to read my blog? But don't press your luck, days like this are rare :D

Have fun y'all! If you decide to get anything from this collection, please share with everybody, ok? I would love to hear what you got.

Take care,
Your Makeup Blogger

Update: I just chatted with a MAC rep and the actual launch date is September 30th for online. You can purchase the collection in store at these locations: Bendels, Bloomingdales, Gibbons, MAC Stores, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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