MAC Emanuel Ungaro: It's On!

Today is MAC day for me: first post of the day was about Viva Glam V lipstick and the second post of the day is about MAC's newest limited edition: MAC Emanuel Ungaro. As I mentioned many times before, this is the most anticipated collection for me because I love the ultra-feminine colors that Ungaro does in his collections. Last night I did the craziest thing ever since I started using MAC: I stayed up really late to see when this collection was launched online. Until around 1 am, I did not see anything and went to bed with disappointment.

This morning, the first thing I did was to check MAC website again and until 9:15 am there was still no new collection, boo! But then it happened y'all, it happened!

MAC Emanuel Ungaro is officially launched and ready to order!

I have to say this year's designer's collection (Ungaro) is much bigger than last year's (McQueen): more colors, more variety, and more strange stuff we don't usually buy (beauty powder, cream colour base, see thru lip color). However, it lacks one thing that I really really love: the paint pot.

Initially, there was one paint pot listed in the lineup called "Essential Beige" and until a few days ago, MAC people in the web chat swore to me that it would be included in the collection. However, I logged on today and spoof! No paint pot for me! Why MAC why? Why do you tease me? You know I heart paint pots! I do hope MAC people read this blog entry and release that paint pot for me. From the way it was described to me, it's a frosty version of Painterly and I bet it would be one heck of a pretty lady.

What am I going to buy, that's a tough question. One thing I know for sure: I need to place my order ASAP! MAC LEs like this one are notoriously quick to sell. I missed McQueen by an inch and in my life, I regret not experiencing the awesome blue-green paint pot from that collection, damn! So please peeps, don't make that mistake and go online now to get yourself some Ungaro makeup.

For now, I have to get over my sorrow of not having Essential Beige and place an order. Here's a free shipping code for all: CREAMSHEEN. If this one does not work, here's another one: CS91LIVECHAT.

MAC also put a whole lot of products on the "Good Bye" category: Select Tint, Hyper Real foundation, cream blush, Studio Mist foundation, Full Coverage foundation, Brow Shader, Brow Finisher, etc. So if you think your favorite products are in the chopping board, please head straight to MAC and order yourself some of them. I see some of the foundation colors are getting the axe and once you find your perfect color, it's hard to see it go. So hurry, click here to see their Good Bye list.

Have fun ladies and please share what you ordered from this collection, ok? I'd love to hear from you.

Take care,
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