Announcing Our First Giveaway Contest

Remember on our 50th post I mentioned there would be a giveaway contest when we reach post number 100? Well, we are on entry number 91 and I decided to host a contest for you guys. The truth is I really want to do this for a while already and you all mean a lot to me. Blogging would be really boring if I have nobody to read what i write. You guys really encourage me and push me forward in my writing. When I first started blogging, my one and only goal was to survive the first 3 months and as of today, three months just went by some couple of hours ago! So yeah, we made it! *proceed to dance incoherently*

The banner I made to take you to the contest

During these 3 months, My Makeup Blog went through a lot of changes including posting 7 days a week to mostly weekdays, having a face lift thanks to Our Blogger Templates, being a part of MyBlogLog community, and receiving two nominations from fellow bloggers just to name a few. I have no monetary gain from blogging and the New York Times has not written about me yet. However, the joy I receive from blogging is unmeasurable: I get to meet really cool people who also love makeup (yeah, I'm talking about you lots), I get to write what I love, and I get to learn about lots of things. If you have noticed, my writing does improve since day one: now I'm actually trying to deliver information in a more compact way than the lengthy Bill Clinton-esque type that I did back in June.

So why am I hosting a givaway to y'all?

Click "Read More" to find out :)

The answer is very simple: To show my appreciation to you guys. Without you, my readers and fellow makeup lovers, this blog would not have made it until today. You are the force behind this and this giveaway contest is for you.

So what are the prizes? There will be 2 packages for two lucky winners: the Travel set and the Girly set. All of the items were purchased out of my own pocket and are brand new.

Set #1: The Travel Set

This set includes four items (L-R): Victoria's Secret Dream Angel mini perfume and body lotion in Heavenly (their #1 best selling perfume), Bodysource Soy wash cycle shampoo, and Clinique pencil sharpener. This set is suitable for the beauty addict who holds a lot of frequent travel mileage.

Set #2: The Girly Set
This set is aptly called "The Girly Set" as it epitomizes the girlishness in all of us. The set includes 3 items (L-R): Hard Candy Bling Bling eye color set in Emerald (has a base color, a black cream eyeshadow, and an emerald pigment jar), Avon Sweet Honesty perfume spray (smells very fresh, clean, and feminine), and Hard Candy Sweet Cheeks liquid blush in Girlie.

Here's the important part: How to participate

  • Click here to go to the giveaway contest web page hosted by Mister Poll (same service I used on my last poll.)
  • Enter your name and email address: I will contact you via your email if you win so please enter a valid email address that you most frequently check (if you're like me having more than 1 email addresses!) I respect your privacy and will not disclose your email address to anybody.
  • Choose what set you want to win and I will select one winner from each group: you need to choose wisely though, if only one person choose one set while a whole bunch of you choose the other, that one person will win the set by default. So again, choose wisely!
  • If you like to give me some comments or feedback, please write it down in the last question as well.
  • This contest is indeed opens to everyone worldwide and is running from now until 11:59 pm Eastern time on Thursday, October 9th, 2008. People in different time zones please synch your clock accordingly. The poll will automatically close after that and your entry will be invalid.
  • Each of you can only enter the contest once: participating more than once will void your chance of winning the prize.
  • You have to enter via the aboved link, any comments in this blog does not qualify you as a participant.
  • After announcing the winners, I will contact you via the email addresses that you provided for your actually mailing address. Once the packages are mailed, I am not responsible for their lost and damages. If the winner is overseas, it will take longer for your prize to arrive so be patient.
So go ahead and participate. I will post the pink banner to link you to the giveaway web page as well. Again, I really appreciate your readership and this contest is dedicated to all of you.

Take care and good luck,
Your Makeup Blogger

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