Tutorial: Will the Real Smokey Eyes Please Stand Up?

The last time I did the easy smokey eyes look, I got overwhelming responses and I was floored! So my "thank you"goes to all of you who've been supporting me. However, that look is not the real smokey eyes look. It is something you can do when you're crunch on time. I really love this look, it's sultry, it's classic, it's chic. It's everything beautiful makeup is rolling in one. Recently, I've come up with a "goof-proof" way to apply the smokey eyes and even on my very bad day, I still get a decent look.

The look

Here are what I use:

1. MAC paint pot in Bare Study: I find this pp to be the best base for eye makeup because of the shimmery texture. You can also use Soft Ochre or Painterly but those paint pots are matte, thus the eye colors will not pop as much.

2. Splinter pigment from The She Space: black pigment with brown sparkles, very interesting color.

3. Idolize eyeshadow from Silk Naturals: the best complementary eyeshadow for the smokey eyes look and perhaps the most interesting color I've ever used.

4. Boom eyeshadow from Silk Naturals: my favorite highlighting eye color so far.

Brushes et al: blending brush (white handle), MAC 219 pencil brush (3rd brush from the left), and Revlon color stay eyeliner in Black (the blackest eyeliner in the drugstore). Notice I did not use MAC 239 brush at all.

Here's the how-to:

1. Apply Bare Study paint pot to all over your eyelid using your finger

2. Apply a line of Revlon colorstay black eyeliner, then use MAC 219 pencil brush to smudge out the line:

Look like this when you start...

...and like this when you're done smudging

3. Using the same pencil brush, apply Splinter to the same area that you just smudged the black eyeliner:

Should look somewhat like this

4. Using the blending brush, applying Idolize above the area that you just applied Splinter, using a back and forth motion (windshield-wiper motion)

Applying from the outer corner then move to the inner corner of your eye, back and forth...

...to look like this

Note: when you blend your eyeshadow, don't be shy! In my opinion, a good smokey eyes look does not have lines. It should be a gradient from dark to light, starting from your eyelash to underneath your brow bone. Blending is crucial and as long as you remember to blend the crap out of your eyeshadows, you should be fine.

5. Highlight the area underneath the brow bone using Boom eyeshadow and the same blending brush:

Blend, blend, blend
Blend, blend, blend

Semi-close eye

Wide open eye

I used Heavenly mineral glow from Silk Naturals on my cheeks and
MAC High Tea lustre lipsticks on my lips

Bonus picture: Beauty blogger in a fighting mood :)

Note 2: I found out using loose eyeshadows is the best and easiest way to achieve this smokey eyes look. Regular eyeshadows require a lot of blending and MAC eyeshadows are really pigmented. If you can, go for less pigmented eyeshadows (ie go drugstore!), that way you can add more eyeshadows if you want to. Adding is easier than subtracting when it comes to makeup.

Note 3: Idolize = MAC Idol Eyes, Boom = MAC Shroom, Splinter (somewhat)= MAC Black Tie or Flashtrack if you prefer dark blue.

Again, smokey eyes look does not limit on black colors, it is a technique. You can use the same technique on browns, purples, blues, greens,... There are many ways to smoke it up but this seems to be the most popular method.

Have fun and be gorgeous. Ciao!
Your Makeup Blogger

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