I Wear My Mineral at Night

Remember that song "I wear my sunglasses at night"? At first, when I heard it I felt strange, like who on earth would wear sunglasses at night, right? However, as I grow older, I got a little bit stranger too. But no, I don't wear sunglasses at night. I wear mineral at night!

To be correct, the mineral powder that I wear is not makeup but it looks and feels a lot like makeup. It's an overnight mineral treatment from Aromaleigh called "Nocturne". I got it a while back and like it a lot. Aromaleigh's owner actually saw a product on QVC that's sold for $60 USD and made her own version which is more than 3 times bigger in the size with half the price! I give my hat to Aromaleigh, that company is really awesome.

Picture courtesy of Aromaleigh

So what does Nocturne has that makes yours truly wear mineral powder at night? It has mineral materials from 150-200 million years ago that nourishes and reduce inflamation. Also has silk powder, zinc oxide (a natural anti-inflamatory ingredient), ectoin (an anti-aging ingredient), emblica fruit extract (anti-inflamatory and anti-aging compound), and green tea extract. Aromaleigh gives you 14 grams of powder packed full in their jar that lasts a very long time for $28 USD without a sponge and $31 USD with a flocked sponge. The company also sells samples at $2.60 USD for 1/2 teaspoon, which is very generous.

For those who are wondering if using this product will stain your precious pillowcase or not, the answer is no, it does not. Nocturne adheres to your skin and does not come off until you wash your face the next day. It is a translucent powder, not a mineral foundation so the color does not show. I feel very matte upon applying this product and my skin seems to heal better too. However, Nocturne takes patient to show its results. You can't expect it to give you gorgeous glow and porcelain skin overnight. After all, this is a powder which does not naturally being transferred and uptaken by your skin quickly. However, as it is a powder, it does not need preservatives. So no parabens for you, hurray!

I've been using it on and off and recently it's been on because I need an anti-aging product that is not oily. I used a flocked sponge to apply but a kabuki brush can be used as well. This product has a really strange concept but it works, only if you are patient enough to see the result.

Right now Aromaleigh is having a 25% sale on Nocturne until 10 am on 8/27. The jar without the flocked sponge is $21 USD and a sample costs you $1.95 USD. If you use code FIRSTORDER, you will get $5 USD off (for your first order only! Aromaleigh is really strict on this.) If you only order samples, choose the "samples only" option and you get free shipping! On top of that, Aromaleigh includes 4 samples per order. Yup, that company is one cool place!

So hurry up and get Nocturne, then you can come back here and sing with me this song "I wear my mineral at night."

Take care and have a good week ahead!
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