Teaser: State of the Hauls

Hello gorgeous,

How are you doing today? I'm doing fine, thank you for asking!

Geez, August is almost over already. Time flies regardless of what we're doing, right? For the month of August, I've been dragging in my little pad bits and bobs of makeup. Until I took all of the pictures, I realized I do not need to buy anymore makeup at least for this month! And while we're talking about hauling, you will never know how much makeup you've bought until you lay them all out on a flat surface.

Another funny thing is a human being only has 2 eyes, a pair of pouty lips, and two chubby cheeks. Yet makeup addicts manage to take in as many colors as possible. It's a disease, y'all!

So what did I get? Well, a whole lot!

From various drugstore locations in town

From the internet

From the House of Target
They look like the cream filling of Oreo cookies

Unbelievable! 22 items within a month! Now I really need to close the book on this. This entry is just a wink on things to come, not a review or anything. And by the way, can you tell me what brand of eyeshadows in the last picture? (Hint: I got them from Target!) Whoever guess correctly will receive a nice surprise.

Some items will be reviewed, some will be in FOTDs, others will just not be said at all. Stay tuned for more details. I'm just teasing you for now.

Ciao bellas,
Your Makeup Blogger

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