A Quick Guide to My Makeup Blog 2.0

Hello everyone!

Recently I made a change to my blog, switching from the old two column layout to the new three column version. As much as I miss the roominess the old layout gave me, I noticed all the widgets and add-ons became too crowded on the right column. That resulted in an unpleasant and unaesthetic view of the blog, both of which I do not prefer. On top of that, the old blog header was pure cheesy and unprofessionally done and I really wanted to change it since day one. Why I put up with it for almost 2 months is still unknown to me.

So today, I would like to take some time to show you the new features of my blog:

First of all, we now have a new column on the left. I downloaded a new template for my blog that was in black and white with 3 column layout. It allows me to personalize my blog whatever way I want after downloaded about 5 other templates before this one that did not give me such freedom.

On the left column, I install the feed button so you can subscribe to my feed. For those of you who prefer email delivery, there's a box underneath the cute feed button that you can type in your email address. Feed Burner will deliver new contents to you every time I upload my blog so you will never miss a beat of what's going on.

On the right column, if you click on my picture it will direct you to my profile. I added a search box underneath the profile picture for your convenience. Now you can search my blog with confidence. Also, I list all the labels used to classify the blog entries. This is a very neat feature for readers: if you want to search for a blue FOTD, you can simply click on "FOTD: Blue" and it will direct you to all the entries filed under that category.

After scrolling down a little bit more, you will see something like this:

The feature that was formerly called "Blog Roll" is now named "Fabulous People." These are links to extraordinary blogs that I frequently read. If you can't find some certain information here and need it immediately, chances are you can get it there. Or you can just email me :D.

I added an extra bit of code that allows me to post a part of it on the main page. When you click "Read More" at the end of that summary, it will take you to the full post. I prefer it this way as it does not affect the aesthetic aspect of my blog.

"Et Cetera" is the part that I put things that can't be classified elswhere. They are chicklets or buttons to link me to the services you have (My Blog Log, My Yahoo, My AOL,...) or to vote for me. And by the way, please vote for me! I do appreciate it a lot if you do so.

And finally when you scroll all the way down...

...you will see three extra columns at the bottom. The thing is this blog layout gives me really limited real estates on the sides. I can make it bigger but my banner does not support it. Therefore the three extra columns come handy. I put my blog log box on the right column and if you are using it, you can (a) join my community, and (b) see other wonderful people's blogs as well. The later one does not require you to become a My Blog Log member but it is fun to be one.

I am quite happy with the way my blog looks right now. Believe me, fixing up a new look is not easy, especially when I am incapable of graphics and coding. At the very bottom of the blog is a link to the website that provided me the code for this blog. You can take a look at "Brooklyn" which is the version mine is modeled after. My blog does not look like "Brooklyn" anymore because I want it to be cheerful and quirky. The banner was really pretty after I added the title. However, upon uploading to Blogger, it lost its luster. The same thing happened when I uploaded my old banner.

I hope you find the new look less cluttered. Please feel free to explore it. Hopefully it will look this way until I get tired of it again, but that day will not be any time soon.

Take care y'all,
Your Makeup Blogger

P.S: If you like my blog, please subscribe to my feed. Thanks a lot!