A Little Bit About Me

I think it's time for me to tell you a bit about myself since I've been blogging here for almost a month now. First of all, it's really nice to finally blog about makeup, my hobby that so far takes a chunk of change out of my pocket. Before starting My Makeup Blog, I've had other blogs but mostly just for myself and to keep in touch with friends and family members. Then as I grew older and ventured out to a different path in my life, my needs started to change as well and oops came another blog. This one is the result of my passion for makeup and I'm glad I finally convinced myself to open it.

When I was a child, my favorite pass-time was to watch my mom applying makeup. She was a teacher and her job required her to look presentable in front of her students. At that time, nobody had a spectrum of lipsticks like we all do today. And neutrals were not even popular! Mom had three lipsticks: a red one, a really pink one, and an orange one (like the color of that Neo Sci-fi package!) She used them interchangeably based on the clothes she wore that day. On top of that, I remember her having a rouge (that's an old skool term for "blush" people!) and it was a baked blush that was really red. Her eyeliner was liquid as it was the 80s and she had *I think* some jewel-tone eyeshadows. Mom was my idol as she always looked gorgeous. And she also had permed hair! Talking about the 80s!

My mom is very beautiful but unfortunately the beauty gene skipped me as my phenotype* is more from my dad's side. My dad, by the way, got his look from his mom so I actually look a lot like my grandma: the eyes, the face, the nose, the cheek bones. Growing up, people teased me about my tiny eyes and flat nose. Until recently, a family member suggested me to save up my money to get rhinoplastic** and blepharoplastic*** surgeries. But as I know myself better, I don't like going under the knife so surgery is not an option.

But makeup is!

And luckily during my childhood years, mom and dad sent me to painting classes so I know how to pick colors and handle the brushes very well. So it became organic for me in my early 20s to pick up the brushes and apply makeup on myself. However, thanks to dad's gene, I don't have the perfect skin in the whole world so I have to wiggle around a lot to make myself look better. It took me a while to get there but I'm quite there these days!

When I started wearing makeup around 2002, there were not a lot of foundation colors available. And since most Asians prefer the pale look, I ended up wearing ivory shades of foundation! The horror! At that time, there was no cool/neutral/warm tones to select yet so I could not find anything that matched my yellow undertone. It was quite a struggle just to get an OK foundation for me. But from those days I've learned a lot about makeup and now I can comfortably pick matching foundation not just for myself but for others.

Nowadays, makeup blogs are everywhere and most bloggers do wonderful jobs to help out other people who are interested in beautifying themselves. Just to think of how much I've experienced in my past journey really motivated me to start this journey and I'm glad I'm not alone. I hope that I will stick with this blog as long as I can get awesome makeup to play with. So I'm asking you this: will you stick with me too?

Yay or nay, give me a hola in my comment box ok?
Your Makeup Blogger

P.S: geek terms explained

*Phenotype: outward, physical manifestation of an organism. In layman term, it's how you look!

**Rhynoplasty: nose job, for Asians is to have a more Western-looking nose and the #1 most common plastic surgery done in Tehran, Iran.

***Blepharoplasty: eyelid surgery, one of the top three most common plastic surgeries done in Asian countries.