7 Days and 7 Nights of Mineral Makeup: The She Space

Happy Saturday and welcome to the penultimate entry of "7 Days and 7 Nights of Mineral Makeup"! I hope you're ready for this one because this entry may change your lives of save some money on your wallets.

Enters The She Space, a very unique MMU company that I've experienced. Heather, the owner of The She Space, offers her customers high quality, pigmented, and trendy colors with affordable price. I've heard about this company for a long time but did not get to experience their highly pigmented eyeshadows until recently. Unlike other companies, The She Space called their eyeshadows "powder pigments" which makes me think of MAC pigments.

Like many other MMU companies, The She Space allows their customers to sample all the products except their lip junks with a very affordable price: $.50 USD per sample! On top of that, their samples are very generous.

Here are the lists of pros and cons on The She Space eye pigments:

  • Higly pigmented: almost made me forget about MAC, my favorite makeup company;
  • Has a variety of colors: last time I counted, they have about 150+ colors that covers all the color spectrum;
  • Has different formulas: matte, velvet (which I love), sparkles, twinkles,...
  • Offers affordable samples: for 50 cents per samples, you are allowed to try as many colors as your heart desires. On top of that, the samples are generous;
  • Has a custom pigment jar that allows you to create your own color renditions;
  • Packed in clear-lid jars: this is my pet peeves when it comes to MMU because I don't want to flip the jars to see the colors. Having clear lid jars allow me to identify the colors immediately.
  • Affordable shipping rates: shipping starts at $1.75 USD and you can spend up to $20 USD to be in that rate, that's 40 samples y'all!
  • Packed in tiny containers: while most companies pack their eyeshadows in 5-gram jars (same size as MAC sample jars), The She Space sell their eyeshadows in 3 gram jars. These are the same jars that EM pack their samples.

  • Slow processing time: although the website stated a 10-day processing time, I got my order in 18 days!
  • Not-so-good customer service: I contacted Heather, the owner, twice regarding my order and never got a reply from her. Since there are so many MMU companies out there, consumers really have a lot of choices these days when it comes to makeup. I am quite put off by this company's customer service. If their products are not so good, I would never placed another order on their website.
My ratings: A+ for the pigments, C for customer service and processing time.

The colors that I ordered
Top row: Risky Rebel (custom color), Happy Birthday Chris, and Follow the Sun (sample)
Bottom row: Living in Color, Go to Shop, and a quarter (for size comparison)

The same colors with a pack of sample pigment in School Girl

Swatch of the full-size colors, notice how velvety Go to Shop looks

Swatch of the samples.
Bubble and Burn, Stolen Soul, and Spinter are 3 special colors made from black pigments and coated mica. Unless applied wet, you don't really see the difference.

From the number of pictures this post has, you can clearly see how much I love these pigments. Only if the processing time and customer service are better that The She Space will become the top MMU company.

Wee, one more entry and this series will come to an end. I'm glad I made it so far! Enjoy your Saturday and stay tuned for tomorrow.

With Love,
Your Makeup Blogger

P.S: "Happy Birthday Chris" and "Living in Color" are a duo that Heather dedicated to Chris, a boy who has cystic fibrosis. With every purchase of the duo, $3 USD will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. So if you decide to make a purchase from The She Space, please consider this duo.