7 Days and 7 Nights of Mineral Makeup: Aromaleigh

TGI Friday everybody! And welcome to our 5th day of "7 Days and 7 Nights of Mineral Makeup"!

Our topic of discussion today is Aromaleigh, another MMU company. Founded in1998 by Kristen Leigh Bell, aka Miss K, this company offers a wide spectrum of colors in the form of micro-formulating MMU. Since my quest to a perfect-match foundation ended at Silk Naturals, I did not sample any mineral foundations after that. Purchases from Aromaleigh and other companies were solely on mineral eyeshadows and they are all I'm going to discuss until the end of our series.

Although I purchased a jar of Nocturne overnight mineral treatment, I got 3 mineral eyeshadows sample and a lipbalm sample with my order. Aromaleigh prices their samples quite higher than other places, about $1.25 USD per sample so having 4 free samples equals to saving $5 USD in my wallet.

The full size mineral eyeshadows are quite pricey: $6.25-$8.25 USD per jar. However, the eyeshadows have about 1.2 grams of finely milled and pigmented powder so it will last you a very very long time. Aromaleigh also has weekly sales on certain items, usually 25% off so if your colors fall into the sales they will cost you less. Typically, a cycle is about 4 weeks so if you miss it this time, make sure you check out next month.

3 eyeshadow colors that I have: Passion, Le Mystere #49, and Cielo
Picture taken in natural lightning and without flash.

Passion is a very deep plum color. Why it appears brown on my swatch, I have no idea. I don't particularly love or hate this color but I think it's a good eyeliner color. Le mystere is their oops colors, or colors that did not formulate right. I particularly like this color more than Passion as it is frostier. Cielo is a very light blue color, almost like sky blye. I love this color so much but wish it is a bit more pigmented. Aromaleigh colors are very finely milled and works well when applied wet (foiling method).

My rating on the eyeshadows: B+, points taken off because of the price and pigmentation. I do not like to apply my eyeshadows wet but those of you who do, Aromaleigh is perfect! I just don't love the price and cost of shipping.

As I promised, this entry is shorter than the other ones. Have fun y'all and have a nice weekend ahead.

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