Finally back with the last part of Boracay! Sorry for the hiatus cos I'm still in the midst of exams -.-
So my 4th day in Boracay was the life-changing day for me cos I became.....SO MUCH DARKER URGH! My tan was still quite mild for the first 3 days cos I spammed sunblock lotion, but the sun on day 4 was just cray.

Probably 7am in the morning. Led a very healthy lifestyle there hahah!

Intricate detailed suede bag by

Headed out to the white beach again after breakfast, our morning routine!

Thank you DX and Daryl for sending me this super flowy and pretty kimono top!

Happy boy, we both really belong to the beach.

"Xiaomeimei, come play water and sand with jie jie!"

"WHY IGNORE ME YOU!!!" *angry*

"How dare you ignore me! I'm gonna drown you"
*xmm died*

xmm : "bitch please, i have a float"

Hahaha obviously this conversation only happened in my head cos of the flow of the pictures.

We were trying our luck for Cliff Diving but we couldn't do it the whole trip cos the currents were too strong so we decided to go paraw-sailing again! I SUPER LOVE IT AND MISS IT!

As usual, the gey-kiang me asked the sailors to rest when we were out in the sea. By right, Daniel and I were suppose to sit down on the netting while the sailors stand up and sail us on the choppy waters but I really wanted to feel "dangerous" and carefree so I told all of them to rest and sit down on the netting while I stood up and pretended to be a sailor hahaha. It was a tad dangerous but I really loved the feeling! Daniel got tempted and stood up after awhile too. 

Food there was bleahhhhh :/

After paraw-sailing and lunch, Daniel and I checked out of our hotel and took a tuktuk to our second hotel for the trip which is located at Diniwid beach. Diniwid beach is a smaller and quieter area of Boracay. It's also less commercialized and more locals live there. We wanted to experience a true living in Boracay hence the decision to stay there for a night.

Our resort, Spider House, is located on this hill together with a few other resorts like Monkey House and Nami hotel!

Receptionist/restaurant area!

I can't even begin to express how much I love Spider House resort!!! Daniel and I fell in love with the resort cos it's just super rustic, quiet and super chill. It really feels damn ZEN, and it was a good change from the white beach! There's even a ladder from the restaurant that leads you down the sea.

I had already read about Spider house before I went and kept raving to Daniel how we need to stay there and all. But I couldn't book the room initially cos it was fully booked but I know I will die of regret if I don't stay here so I kept begging the owner (through emails) to let me stay at least for a night and I didn't even mind paying more. In the end, he let me book the family suite for my last night for about SGD120! Super thankful!!!

Absolutely breathtaking! I'd definitely return, I promise I promise!!!

Just look at how tanned I was!

Moving on to the room....
Be warned if you're a fusspot. This place has no aircon and has some insects like ants or flies! I guess that's kinda what I like about it though, that it's "out of advanced civilisation". TRUE BORACAY LIVING :D

It's built with sturdy bamboos, and beds are covered with mosquito nets!

Here's our suite room!

Lower deck

Upper deck where we slept at! There were 2 double beds in the room. One in the main room, and the other one just at the patio.

The patio where we chilled at to talk (:

View from our room!

Wanted to have Daniel's birthday dinner at Spider House restaurant but they weren't serving jap food that night except for these pathetic sashimi so we headed to the hotel next door for dinner instead!

The restaurant in Nami hotel won several awards like "Best Restaurant" and "Restaurant with the best view". It was definitely the best meal we had but not super spectacular either :/

Back to Spider House to grab a drink before we ended the night (:

It was definitely a very romantic night for us to cuddle under the mosquito netting with sea breeze blowing in, and subtle 90s music from the bar downstairs till we fell asleep. We need a repeat of this. 
Great escape from work and all the stress, literally just him and I against the world (:

Our last morning in Boracay :'(

Both crochet cropped top and drawstring pants from
Absolutely love both items especially the abstract printed drawstring pants! Did I mention that it's super comfy as well?

American breakfast by the sea!

Signature mango pancake!

Headed to the airport after our breakfast and bidded our last goodbyes to this beautiful island. 

We both felt so sad to leave Boracay and wished we had booked our trip longer! I think 1 week would be perfect since traveling from the airport to Boracay took up so much of our time. Nonetheless, Boracay never failed us a single bit and it is definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. I've never been to Maldives before so I can't compare, but Boracay is certainly much nicer than Phuket and Bali in terms of the beach and clarity of the sea. People there are very hospitable as well. Boracay would have been 100% perfect if not for the food which didn't suit our taste buds. 

I'm really happy this was the place we spent Daniel's birthday cos it left us with such great and beautiful memories. Can someone just bring me back now (:

For those who are interested, here are the nitty gritty details.

Air ticket - $230 per pax via Tiger airways (booked during promotion so it's cheaper than usual)
Hotel - Shoretime Hotel and Spider House resort, $110/night and $120/night respectively after tax
Expenses for food, transport and watersports for 5 days - approx $500

All in all, I spent about 1.5k for both our air tickets, hotel and my own expenses!
Bear in mind that we reached Boracay at night on the first day and left early in the morning on the last day so it was more like 3 days instead of 5!

Any other questions, you can hit me up on

In other news, I've launched a new collection on TJM and backorder is open for the cute little cross-over romper!