Updates - NEW PHONE!

So I got a new phone, Samsung S4 in white! Still a little bit not used to it but shall give it awhile more! Samsung users can intro some good apps/tips? And how to screenshot uh?

*sticking tongue out likka Miley Cyrus hahahah

Camwhored a bit while doing up an advert hehe!

Sorry I MIA-ed for quite long cos I've been SUPER busy with school assignments and TJM it's crazy! I'm really busy from the start of my morning till late at night. Like my routine is just wake up at 9 or 10am go to Singpost, reply emails, pack parcels then go for lectures, do assignments, then reply emails again at night until like 2am then sleep. I really don't get to rest at all except when I sleep and it's super tiring!!! Don't even have time to watch tv/movies, go for events etc. Boring life~
So pardon me for the lack of updates cos I've so much on my plate. The only reason why I can even blog today is cos I just submitted one assignment so I'm gonna rest tonight then start all over again tmr on my next assignment :''''''(

Okok, I need to get back to replying emails now. Will try my best to update this space soon, if not you can follow me on ig! I update more there (:

Goodnight <3