Hello!!! Blogging on my birthday, what a hardworking blogger *pats myself on the back*
Need to finish up a bit of JUICESEA work first then heading out later to celebrate my birthday.

So last week Donna and I went to....Changi Coast for juicesea #5 shoot! Thank you Hannah for driving us there and helping us with everything, and pony for braving the heat with me and dirtying yourself just to get good shots! :*

I can't even begin to express my love for juicesea5 back details! Keeping it simple at the front this time (:

*checking if pictures are fine*

It's not very obvious but the rocks are really slippery and there were a lot of snails on it, EEKS!!! It was damn hard to balance on the rocks while shooting, and as usual I got cuts on my toes like my previous shoot. I always don't feel the pain/cuts during the shoot until I reach home then I'll feel the pain lol. 

And then Donna asked me to shoot with the leaves. I was like HUH DO WHAT??? KISS IT CARESS IT HUG IT SMILE TO IT?! Hahaha

Our makeshift changing room hahaha


I really felt like sleeping when I was lying on the tree bark cos I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before and outdoor shoot is really pretty damn tiring.

My two heroes that day!

Donna had to leave for KL after that so Hannah and I went for brunch alone. Bought her brunch for helping me during the shoot :* still very thankful hehe.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware!

Looked super shitty and tired already.

Spent the rest of the day chilling with Hannah and htht-ing!

Here are some final pictures I'm gonna use for JUICESEA 5!

Lookbook will be up today on TJM's facebook today (: and JUICESEA 5 will be launched on 14th July (Sunday) at 7pm!

Birthday girl~,