Favorite food places in Singapore!

I'm quite particular when it comes to food and I really love eating so I'm gonna share with you girls some of my favorite food hunts in Singapore!

*Not in any particular order

photo credit to : soshiok.com

1. My Cosy Corner

I love their Kueh pie tee and popiah there! My favorite so far! They serve other food like mee siam, student teriyaki chicken rice bowl, fried rice etc. And it's all very reasonably priced cos they cater mainly to students! MUST TRY TO POPIAH ($2.20) AND KUEH PIE TEE ($4.80) WHEN YOU'RE THERE!

Coronation shopping centre

2. Itacho

This shouldn't be of any stranger to you. Itacho is known for its cheap special menu. To me, Itacho is a mid-range japanese joint. Not as sucky as Suki sushi/Sakae, but not as good as high end ones, yet at the same time serves pretty damn good sushis. I especially like the mango lobster maki, avocado soft shell crab maki, crab chawanmushi and shrimp sushi with sea salt. I don't think their mains are good too.

Available at Ion, Jcube and Star Vista.

3. The Sushi Bar

I've blogged about this place recently. I say the salmon aburi roll beats shiok maki at Koh Grill! And the ebi roll is one of the nicest I've eaten in Singapore so far. Quality jap food at really decent price. MUST TRY!

Far East Plaza

photo credit to : Gelateria Italia Facebook

4. Gelateria Italia

I'm VERY VERY fussy about my ice cream. I'm all about quality so I hate eating most ice creams from 7-11, ben & jerry's and those home-grown local ice cream shop. I used to only like Haagen Dazs and Salted Caramel(at thomson) but Gelateria Italia is DAMN good. It's a little on the pricey side, but good ice cream often comes with a hefty price tag!

Available in Jcube, Ion basement, Plaza Singapura, Taka basement!

photo credit to : the4moose.blogspot.com

5. Two Chefs Eating Place

Enough said. Butter pork ribs my favorite! Cheap and good! *drools*

Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent 

Photo credits to : Aroy Dee website

6. Aroy Dee Kitchen

Forget about thai express and all the thai "restaurants". This is the closest you can get of Thai food in Singapore!

Middle Road (adjacent to Rochor Tau Huay at short street)

7. Plain Vanilla Bakery

The only cupcake shop I'd purchase cupcakes now!! Salted caramel, cinnamon, white chocolate strawberry, red velvet! My favorite flavors (:

Photo credits to : ieatishootipost.sg

8. Cacio e pepe

I've only been there once but I know I fell in love with their truffle pasta. I still wanna go back to try other pastas! A little inaccessible at Hillview avenue!

3 Chu Lin Road

9. City Plaza Ban Mian aka Poon nah city homemade noodle

This ban mian needs no introduction! Let me warn you first though, the noodle is soso. It's the soup and chilli that are really nice!

City Plaza #05-02

Photo credits to : thechosenglutton.wordpress.com

10. Hilltop Japanese Restaurant

I used to frequent this place quite often with my ex-boyfriend. Great teppanyaki on the hilltop! Complimentary desserts too! I wanna go back soon!

Jurong Bird Park,
2 Jurong Hill

That's all the food that I can think of as of now. I'm still in search of a good spanish tapas bar and korean restaurant so hit me up if you know of any!
Here's a list of food joints I want to try :

- Omasake Burger
- Club street social
- Fabulous baker boy
- Manbok
- Chye Seng Huat
- Canopy

Is there any other places you girls would recommend? (: