I just want to say sorry to everyone who reads my blog! This is probably the longest I've been MIA for. Sorry for the lack of updates cos I've been super busy(still am actually, but die die also must squeeze out some time for y'all)!

Attended Wanying's 21st birthday 2 weeks ago at Nosh Restaurant located at Rochester Park.
For those of you who still don't know what Rochester Park is, it's something like Dempsey with a lot of Al-fresco dining restaurants. It has a very chill and nice ambience. I blogged about another Rochester Park experience here.

Miss my poly schoolmates :(

King Of The Monsters

Daniel and I had no time for Christmas gift exchange so we procrastinated until January. I got him a pair of shoes, and he.......got me SPEAKERS!!!! ~~~ Super super love it!!!

He remembered that I always wanted to get speakers for my room in 2012 but just somehow didn't. EVEN I FORGOT ABOUT IT, BUT HE REMEMBERED AND HE BROUGHT ME TO FUNAN TO CHOOSE :D

So I picked this, and no regrets!
Having these speakers really make my life happier and more relaxing? HAHAH. Cos I'm usually packing parcels in my room but with music it's just easier. And I can just turn up John Mayer's songs while I'm lazing on my bed!!

Ze boyflen fixing it up for me <3

#TGIW with my babies but this time with the exception of Daryl's birthday! It was "Dress Like Daryl" night to Zouk and everyone was so spontaneous, luvs it!! My wardrobe even "fell apart" while I was rummaging through for a stripe shirt!

Don and Sof <3

Tams and DX!

Mae came later!! Her complexion is like glowing here hahaah.

Met sashimi babygirl for dindinz! Wanted to bring her to try carpenter & cook and Kim's Family Korean restaurant!

My favorite part of a Korean meal - BANCHAN!!! (the side dishes)
I can nom on the side dishes forever. My favs are the bean sprouts, ikan bilis and kimchi! 

We shared Chicken Bulgogi with rice and we couldn't even finish it. 
12 side dishes, chicken bulgogi, rice, complimentary tea and oranges all for JUST $14!!!! Cheap or what?


17 Lorong Kilat  Singapore 598139
6465 0535

 Carpenter & Cook was closed by the time we finished our dinner next door :/ it's a really nice and quirky cafe which serves EXCELLENT passionfruit meringue tart and carrot cake! I love it so much that I went back to C&C with Hannah and Errol the next day to eat it!! The coffee is not bad too.

Carpenter And Cook

19 Lorong Kilat
Tel: 64633648

Anyways back to the point, Nat and I went to meet Serene at The Library (a bar) for a drink!

Their drinks presentation were very creative! Donuts were quite yumms too!
It's called the library cos the entrance of the bar is like a library and you have to say the "password" before you can enter the bar. It's a bit hard to explain so here are some pictures I took off Google to show you.

After you give the password, you will be led into a very small mirror walkway which will lead you to the bar itself

This is one of their signature drink served in a bathtub! HOW CUTE?

* Above pictures were taken from


47 Keong Saik Road089151
Open daily 6pm - 1am


Just launched an EPIC SALE last night at TJM!

 That's all I have for you this week (: Will try to blog more next week ok?