Saturday plan : Wake up at 11.30am for brunch at Canopy
What really happened : Shut my alarm at 11.30 and woke up at 2pm instead. Changed brunch venue to Arbite.

I hate how my body clock just refuses to wake up before 12nn all the time. Half the time I can't even hear my crazy irritating alarm clock, like today.

So anyways, we drove down to Serangoon Garden for brunch! 

Love seeing Daniel wear the things I bought for him. Rayban and watch from me, love not?
Heheh actually he wanted to wear the blue polo tee I got for him from Bali but it didn't match his pants if not I can call myself sugar mummy that day hahaha.

He buys things for me too luh (: just that i buy things for him on random occasions more than he does. 

My egg benny which tasted HORRIBLE. 
The hollandaise sauce was so stale and I really felt like puking when I ate it so I gave up halfway :/ Don't know if their standard is just that bad all the time or it was just that day.
Peach Nectar tea was good though!

Swollen eyes cos... I cried like mad the night before :'( 
I always fall sick after crying, does it happen to y'all? It's damn weird uh.

Can't believe it's been more than 3 years already <3 


Hahahah no not done yet, need to take food picture also. Lol
That's his Arbite breakfast. I quite like it and it's $15.90! Quite ok (:

Overall, Arbite was pretty alright besides my horrible tasting egg benny.

Since it's the season of giving, I shall share with y'all 10 of my 

01 / Chye Seng Huat Hardware
02 / Canopy Dining
03 / Handle Bar
04 / Tiong Bahru Bakery
05 / Spruce
06 / Club Street Social
07 / Open Door Policy
08 / Mookata
09 / Victor's Kitchen
10 / Nakhon Kitchen

Got any nice food, intro back k? (: Hawker food also can, I love all sorts of food!!!

A picture with Hardwell to end off this post 

Ahhhhh he's even cuter after I met him irl!!!! ♡ 

Busy day ahead!