Baby My Lips with Maybelline Baby Lips

Hi everyone,

Not so long ago, I ran into an interesting situation: my lips were dry to the point it was painful to eat. Despite slathering all the balms and sticks and stuff on my lips, they remained cracked and dry. I was desperate so I decided to go shopping for something to sooth those chapped lips of mine. Lucky me, not only did Maybelline had a sale, I received Baby Lips as a gift with purchase as well!

The one I got is called Anti-Oxidant Berry, which is the Asian name of Quenched in the good old U.S of A. Anti-Oxidant Berry/Quenched is a clear balm that smells like blueberry. I do notice the difference in packaging in the Asian version as it looks more like a Chapstick than a lipstick with a bigger and longer cap.

 The packaging is very pretty and cheerful. It's hard not to buy Baby Lips because of the design. I was hoping to high water and back that I wouldn't be disappointed in this lip balm. As my HG lip balm from Nivea failed to improve my condition, I did not have a lot of hope.

While I don't know how love at first sight feels, I did experience love at first swipe :) One swipe of this baby and oh, baby, my lips felt quench! It was like rain on desert or something. An amazing feeling only those with dry lips can experience, sadly.


The balm is not 100% white, by the way. It has some specs of purplish pink that makes me think of crushed blueberries. However, it does run clear on my lips with a nice shine. In fact, I have never seen a lip balm so shinny. The staying power was good. While I don't know about the 8-hour moisturizing effect, I do notice that it lasts quite long. Even after I wipe my mouth after eating, I still feel moisture on my lips. On top of that, the berry scent is invigorating and quite strong. I wish to have this lip balm in a much milder scent as it tends to make me feel nauseated when I don't feel that well.

Ingredient list
While it's a good lip balm with shea butter and vitamin E as well as SPF, it is not organic. However, it does not seem to contain any animal by-products and does not have parabens. I guess those who are vegans can use Baby Lips after all.

Unlike other lip balms I've experienced, Baby Lips does not feel waxy and the moisturizing power is good. I've been using it on and off for more than a week now and my lips are less flaky. As long as I have Baby Lips on, I am fine. On top of that, this is not an outrageously expensive lip balm and it comes in 6 shades. The collector in me said I should have them all but I seriously don't have any use for colored balms. I have one in a different brand but I don't like it much. I feel like the color takes away the moisturizing effect my lip balm is supposed to have.

So, have you tried Maybelline Baby Lips? What do you think about it? Also, what's your HG lip balm?

With love,
Dao xoxoxo

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