I left my heart in Tokyo {Day 5 & 6}

Day #5

Goof-ed around with Daniel in our room before heading out!

We visited Asakusa which is a traditional part of Tokyo! It sells mostly traditional Japanese candies and craft paper!

Sensoji shrine which was quite boring!

Hahah my stomach looks huge here cos I stuffed my dress into the pants. Thought my dress was a bit too short for a shrine visitation :/

Super love the vintage looking Mickey and Minnie mouse. I'd bought them if it didn't cost 2xx :(

Didn't do much on the 5th.
Visited Sensoji shrine, walked along the streets of Asakusa, went to Shibuya to continue shopping and had dinner there. 

Day #6 (Last day :'( )

Made a trip to Meiji Jingu shrine cos the both of us love history and empire stories and this shrine is different from the one we went to in Asakusa(more on Buddhism). This covered more on Japan's meiji emperor, his greatness and his death and the vast impact he made on the Japanese' lives. Pretty interesting, and it's free. We tried out luck a little and penned down our wishes on the wooden tablet. Nothing superstitious, just leaving a part of us in Tokyo. 

We moved on to Omotesando and we happened to get lost in the indie area of this luxurious district. I don't know what it's called but it's a beautiful place. The main omotesando area comprises of MANY upscale flagship stores like Gucci, YSL, Celine etc and the indie area just comprises of many ... indie shops.

We also chanced upon this restaurant called "Eggs n Things" which had the longest queue I've ever seen in my entire life fora restaurant! Needless to say, we gave it a miss even though I was damn sure the eggs must be bloody special.

Give it a try if you're going to Tokyo(I assure you queues are the best gauge of a restaurant's awesomeness)

Eggs' n Things
4-30-2 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

So there's a story to this bouquet of flowers.

Me : Daniel, those flowers are really cute right! (it was sold on a random pushcart along the street)

Daniel : yeah, they are pretty nice.

*repeats above 3 times without any intention of hinting, but I realized it sounded like a hint and he didn't even 'react' like how normal guys would

Me : I wasn't trying to hint you, but any other guy would have gone to buy the flowers for the girl already!!

Daniel : Oh, you want it?

Me : uhhhhhhhhh yes they are really nice, but let me teach you how to be sweet. You could have said "Sophia, I'm going to the toilet. I'll come find you later" and go buy the flowers to surprise me.

*pauses for 5 seconds*

Daniel : Hey Sophia, I'm going to smoke now. I'll come find you later.
*runs off after that*

*omg I can't believe he used a similar excuse and tried it 5 seconds later thinking I'd actually believe him -.-*

20 seconds later, he ran back to me...

Daniel : ummmm can I borrow some money from you cos I'm broke now.




So yeah, that's my boyfriend for you. Don't know if I should laugh or cry hahah

French toast cubes with vanilla ice cream! It literally melts in your mouth, so good~~~~

Romper was a manufactured sample. Wanted to sell this design on TJM but don't know why I didn't in the end!

Our last meal in Shibuya before leaving Tokyo :'(

This pretty much sums up my entire Tokyo trip. I really enjoyed Tokyo with Daniel a lot, and I've never been so in love with a city so much before. I'm really glad I spent my 21st birthday there with the most important person(besides my family) in my life instead of celebrating it the usual way. Tokyo, I'll see you soon again.