I Love Whitney

Hi everyone,

Whitney's gone, our singer's dead. This morning, I woke up to learn about the news while eating breakfast. All of the sudden, I felt the joy slipping away from me. Never has a singer has such an impact in my life as Whitney. In middle school, I grew up listening to her songs and those were my good years. I remember popping a cassette tape into the cassette player and did my homework while listening to her. Each side ran for about 45 minutes and my goal was to finish doing my homework after listening to both sides of the tape. It was a fail-proof method.

Little did I know that my English was better as a result of listening to her songs. I began to emulate her and in order to do so, I had to learn how to pronounce the words correctly. During recess I found myself belting out "I Have Nothing" and "Saving All My Love for You" to my friends. Probably more torturous to them but I would never know that since they just left me alone.

I'm glad to grow up when singers like Whitney and Mariah were popular. They made some incredible music their songs, like their personalities, are unmistakable. Once in a while, I hear a Whitney song and has goosebumps all over my body. She had such an incredible voice and emotion to match it. That kind of talent is something can only be found once in a while.

Whitney is gone but her legacy is still here. Like Michael Jackson and many other artists, her contribution to mankind is immeasurable. I am sure we all have our favorite Whitney songs but "I Will Always Love You" is mine. Even in my darkest moment, I felt love when I listened to it.

Rest in peace, Whitney. We love you!