The Hardest Thing to Find in Vietnam

Hello folks!

While I can buy my essential makeup items in Vietnam, there's this one thing I can't seem to find. Scratch that, it is impossible to find. You know what it is?


I'm not even kidding. I haven't seen a bottle of self-tanner anywhere while browsing low-end to high-end makeup counters. Insane, right? Snookie would be mad if she vacay here.

I guess you can always get a good tan from the sun since it's always sunny here. However, the glowy and bronzy goddess skin from the bottle is something nature can't do to you. On top of that, the two self-tanners I have tried smelled so damn good!

I can't believe I miss self-tanners!

That's all for today, folks! Are you a self-tanning person?

With love from you makeup and beauty loving friend,
Dao xoxo

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