Nghia O'Beauty S019 and that Obnoxiously Pink Nail Polish from Odessa

Hi everyone,

I guess I'm one of those people who prefer having a pedicure over a manicure. Most of the time, my fingers are not painted while my toes endure some really interesting colors (but mostly, I prefer red.) Recently, the moon and stars synced up or something because I finally had painted fingers and toes.

The products I used are from Kem Nghia shop, a place where they sell the legendary Nghia cuticle nippers. Both are utterly cheap and after wearing them for a week, I was very happy with the results.

(L-R): Nghia O'Beauty in S019 and a nameless Odessa nail polish which I call "Obnoxiously Pink"
 First stop, let's take a look at the fingers, shall we?

The picture does not do justice to this nail polish at all. While it does look like milk with a couple drops of coffee in the picture, in real life this nail polish has a touch of pink in it. It looks almost like Revlon Pink Suede, y'know, the one Angelina Jolie used to wear. I had Pink Suede before and could not make it work at all. It was too gunky and did not spread evenly. I was so frustrated that I had to return Pink Suede.

However, Nghia O'Beauty S019 works like a charm. Not only does it spread out beautifully, it also requires only one coat. Like the S030 that I reviewed before, this one does not chip during the week that I wore it. By the end, there was some minor tip wear but that was about it.

The price? Less than a dollar! Which makes me want to stop by that shop more frequently to get more nail polishes for me :D

Secondly, the toes:

While Nghia O'Beauty is the house brand of Kem Nghia, Odessa is a product from ATP cosmetics with ingredients imported from France. It is a bit cheaper than Nghia O'Beauty but not so much for me to jump ship. I have two bottles of Odessa and the texture is the same: they are cream nail polishes that can make OPI creams run for their money.

Seriously, this cream nail polish is that good. It is shiny, easy to apply, and most importantly, it lasts and lasts. I applied two coats since the first coat looked really opaque and the shine was almost blinding. The brush is wide and thick that leaves streak-free coats after layering. Usually, I do not like creams because of the streaks. The first layer may look fine but when I put the second layer on, streaks are all over my nails. And this happened when I used OPI creams, no less!

But the only set back I have with Odessa is its drying power. I guess since it is a cream, it does not set as fast as the other one. The trick for not messing it up is to wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second one, then wait for it to dry before applying the top coat. In one of my trials, I was impatient and applied my top coat so fast. Fifteen minutes later, I opened a book and got marks all over my nails!

Last look at my toes and fingers du semaine :D
While I love both colors, the obnoxiously pink nail polish is the one that makes me smile a lot. It is a cheeky nail color. When I wear peep-toe shoes, that hint of pink is a nice surprise for those who manage to take a look at my feet.

Therefore, the tip of the day is: for those of you who work in conservative environment, wear nude colors on your fingers while reserve the bright and cheerful ones for your toes. When you take off your shoes, those bright colors will make you smile.

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