I Can Haz Haul!

Hi everyone,

The last makeup purchase I did was somewhere in January. It felt like a million years ago since I bought makeup for myself. Living in Vietnam has its own perks but for a beauty blogger, it ain't fun. Too many skincare products and not enough makeup. And even for the makeup that I could find, they were so expensive. A MAC eye shadow costs $14.50 USD back in the States. It actually costs around $30 here, not the $19.50 international price we see on the MAC LE price list.

Not only I miss makeup, I miss drugstore makeup. Nothing is as awesome as finding nicely pigmented eye shadows on sale and I had a coupon. I don't get that kind of deal over here.

Recently, I found a shop that sells nail supplies near my place. Lucky me, it also has a variety of makeup. Not as expansive as the U.S drugstore but the quality is good and the price is right. You can't believe how happy I was when I hauled home a whole bunch of stuff.

Top row: Debby nail crackle nail polish, Nghia O'Beauty nail polishes in S030 (chocolate) and S019 (flesh tone), Sivanna baked eyeshadow, and Honey eye shadow trio
White eye shadow/liner pencil
Mabrook black eyeliner
Mabrook lip liner
A nail buffer
I was extremely happy to find this baked eye shadow (baked a shadow was a typo, I believe!)
Sivanna Colors is a Thai brand, btw

This pan is huge

And look how beautiful it is!
This eye shadow reminds me of something MAC produced in their first mineralized eye shadow collection ever. Look at the veins, so pretty!
The trio I bought is from Honey Professional, a Korean brand

The colors are shimmery and pigmented.
This trio reminds me of the Vincent Longo one I almost bought a while back.
Overall, I was happy with my haul. The nail polishes are also awesome and I am going to do separate reviews in the future. I'm just so happy that I get to have affordable makeup again. Right now, I'm eyeing on a baked blush that looks like one of those MSF from MAC. When I reach my 100 day fitness goal, I'm sure to take it home as a way to celebrate my success :)

Who says makeup doesn't have motivational power, huh?

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