Fitness Report #11

Hi everybody,

Guess what? I'm only 19 more days away from completing the 100-day fitness challenge, yay! My pair of shoes decided to take an early retirement and I needed a new pair so badly. Finding shoes my size in Vietnam is difficult and especially since I am a fan of New Balance, it is hard to switch to another brand.

A little bit about my feet: they have shallow arches as well as overpronation (the tendency of the feet to roll inward.) I've tried many pairs of sneakers over the years but only New Balance provides comfort and stability. On top of that, a pair of NB lasts for a good year or two if your only workout is walking. Since I do aerobics, running shoes are not suitable. I picked a pair of training shoes and my feet are thanking me for that.

What I did last week:

  • Monday: break
  • Tuesday: Activate + Rush + butt workout (1hr 30')
  • Wednesday: Step by step + abs workout (1hr 16')
  • Thursday: Pilates (1hr 12')
  • Friday: break
  • Saturday: Concert (1hr)
  • Sunday: Gym (1hr 30')
Total amount of time sweating my butt off: 6 hours 28 minutes!

Last week was a particularly good week when I could incorporate multiple workouts in a session. Also, I am adding Pilates on top of Zumba and my body has been really really sore. Despite how simple it may look, Pilates moves are killer body toners. I have tried so many things before but when it comes down to shaping my bod, Pilates is the quickest way to go.

This week, so far I am not so blessed with working out: I have been super busy and it has been so hot, too. I worked out 40 minutes today and felt like passing out instead. Oh well, something is better than nothing. I'll try my best.

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