Theatre of the Nameless FOTD

Hi everyone,

Recently, I saw the promotion pictures of Illamasqua's new LE "Theatre of the Nameless" and I told myself, "I have to do this!"

Here are the promo pictures that inspired me to do today's FOTD:

Amazing? Isn't it? I told myself I could do it and after what felt like an eternity, I came up with this:

Theatre of the Nameless FOTD
with bright lipstick and chola-esque liner (aka black eyeliner around the lips!) 
Same look but with nude lips :D
What I used
The pot with a beige lid is the face primer
First of all, if you are ooh-ing and ah-ing about my eyebrows (or lack thereof), don't fret. The MAC concealer was supposed to conceal my eyebrows but it did not because I have dark hair. I tried painted them over with a white eye pencil but that didn't work, either. So, Photoshop that is. The best way to remove hair in photos, haha!


This is how my eyebrows look like
I wish my black eyeliner (ELF waterproof) were darker.
  • New York Color creme blush as a base
  • Rimmel London Autumn Catwalk on top
  • ELF Gotta Glow to highlight on top of the cheekbone
I really love this combination. Cheap non-Illamasqua makeup can make me glow, too!

  • Bright version: NYC Blue Rose lipstick with black L'Oreal eye liner as a lip liner
  • Nude version: Neutrogena lipstick in Just Whisper with NYX natural liner
This, by far, is the craziest makeup look I've ever done. While I did it, I realized the whole thing is based on something people might fear as a child:

Clown makeup!

I am not kidding. If you look closely at the elements: curved upward lips, overdrawn eyebrows, blocky eye makeup, and bright cheeks? Those are what you see on the face of a clown. I started to call this the "Chic Clown" makeup look after the revelation.

If this makeup came without the outlined eyebrows and chola-esque lip look, I would wear it. To a Halloween party or to the club, maybe. It is not for your daily feast but it's a fun (and laborious) look nevertheless.

Blooper time, with unedited eyebrows :)

I hope this is it. I'm having a headache from this clown makeup look already! 
Romeo, oh Romeo, where art thou?

Last but not least, if I scare you with this FOTD, I sincerely apologize. You don't have to read this if you are scared of clowns.

Oops, too late!
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