The Things I Learned from My Friends and Readers

Hi everyone,

Every weekday, I make an attempt to post something relevant in this blog and hopefully, some of you would enjoy it enough to post comments. Through these comments, I've learned so many things. Some of them ended up changing my life big time. Here are the tips I've received from you, my readers and friends. I hope you'll enjoy!

1. Nubar 2010:

It started with this post where I ranted about my stupidity and failure to bring Hidden Treasure home. Then, a couple of readers jumped in and told me to get Nubar 2010, which is a dupe of Hidden Treasure. Guess what? I did. And now, thanked to you, I can't stop applying Nubar on top of my nail polishes. My latest nail look:

Black nail polish with Nubar 2010.
Gold gleam under natural lighting
and bewitching red sparks under yellow light.
2. Wearing nail polishes:

Until very recently, I didn't wear nail polish. But then, a whole lot of friends (online and offline) started to show off their nails and I began wearing funky colors. Needless to say, I'm not a nail addict but I do have a healthy stash of nail polishes.

3. Taking better care of my skin:

When I started My Makeup Blog, skincare was an afterthought. However, as I went along, I realized the importance of having good skin and began taking care of it. As my blog progresses, a lot of readers express their enthusiasms in reading what I think about certain skincare products. That, my friends, is something money can't buy.

4. RE: mascara and eyelash primer:

You guys are the most wonderful readers ever. And I mean it. When I blogged about Hard Candy eyelash primer, I complained that it felt jumpy on my Voluminous Million Lashes. MissNessa commented that it works a lot better with mascaras with regular wands. I tried and voila, it works, even with the very crappy Sephora mascara sample I got for my birthday.

So, thank you for the tips, tricks, and pointers. I've learned so much from you!
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