Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Vacation Time: Say Ahhh!

Hi everyone,

Did you follow my tweets from last week? Did you? Well, if you did not, you probably missed out one huge opportunity to score some awesome nail polishes from Sinful Colors. Inside last week's ad, Walgreens put a 99 cent coupon for one Sinful Colors (SC) nail polish, which usually runs at $1.99. Of course, they had to put a limit into it as you could only get 3 at a time.

This time around, I picked 3 nail polishes: 2 for me and 1 for a friend. In the past, I blogged about SC and I was very happy about my "I Miss You" nail polish (post here.) However, most colors from this line are sparkly, which are easy to use but a pain to remove. Vacation Time, on the other hand, is just smooth and creamy.

Sinful Colors nail polish in Vacation Time
Wanna know what I think about this nail polish? Jump!

First of all, let me just say that when it comes to nail polishes, I have two left hands. If I don't manage to make a mess all over my cuticles, I would fill my nails with paint streaks. Those are the two main reasons I love glittery nail polishes with big brushes. You can hardly mess it up at all. But as I said earlier, glittery nail polishes are a pain in the tush when you remove them.

But the older I get, the more I long for good quality cream nail polishes. I struck gold with Rimmel London Steel Grey nail polish earlier this summer and I looked forward to a repeat performance from Vacation Time. Needless to say, this nail polish doesn't disappoint. The color is really pigmented, I only need a coat to cover my nails, which means the chance to get streaks is low. It is really shiny and the juice does not spread out that much to invade my cuticles. Also, the brush is in good size.

Vacation Time and painted nails
The color is rosy coral, which may look old-fashioned to some. However, it is a dress down color to me. It does not make your nails look too muted, yet does not look too bright either. It is just right, and for some reasons, it makes me feel very relaxed.

I have worn it for more than a week and there is no tip wear. Also, there's no chips either. This is one sturdy nail polish and with its price, Sinful Colors can't be beat.

Close up at the nails. I consider this a good paint job.
The only complaint I have is it dries very quickly. Therefore, you need to apply it fast and dip the brush back into the bottle. Let the brush hanging out too long will give a chance for clumps to form and that's how you get streaky nails.

What do you think of Sinful Colors nail polishes? Please let me know in the comment section. I'd love to hear from ya!

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money. For other information regarding My Makeup Blog's discloser policy, click here.

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