My Makeup Blog's Second Birthday Giveaway Winners

Hello there,

Finally, the day has come when I am ready to announce the winners of My Makeup Blog's Second Birthday Giveaway. I know, I know, it's better late than never. Thank you everybody for participating in this giveaway. A lot of you retweeted and posted this giveaway on your blogs to spread the word. I really appreciate it!

As usual, I conjured the magic of random selection via to pick winners. This time around, it was a bit complicated as there are 3 packages available. Added retweets and reposts into it, this took me a bit longer to put things together. I am very thankful for Google Docs as it let me import data in Excel so I can sort and add data. It really made my life easier, I digress.

Want to know if you are one of the three winners? Jump!

Result for package 1 coming up: winner is lucky number 34 :)

Congratulations, Selenia!
Package 2's winner is number 45
Congratulations, Trisha! I'm so happy for you!
 Trisha almost won in the Hairtag giveaway. It was gravity that challenged her. I wished her good luck on her next giveaway and guess what? She won! Trisha, I guess you were meant to receive this package after all.

Number 70 is the winner of package 3
Congratulations, Rhania!
Congratulations, winners! Again, thank you everybody for your participation and support. I would like to thank the sponsors for furnishing such awesome prizes.

I will contact the winners as soon as I can. Please reply with your mailing information and I will send your winning package as soon as I can.

Also, folks, can I have a question, please? I've seen a lot of email unsubscriptions lately and it really upsets me. I know the feed has been broadcast as teasers for a while now, since a website started to steal contents of my blog via feed. As a result, the updates are in teasers, which may be annoying if you want the whole she-bang in an email. I understand that and I really apologize for the inconvenience. However, I hate to be a target of content theft and not publishing the whole feed is the only way to deter that. For those who already dropped out of my updates, please understand. There are still other ways to follow my blog (Google Friends Connection) and Twitter. I hope you will continue supporting my blog.


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