My E.L.F Haul

Hi everybody,

Last month, E.L.F had a 60% off site-wide sale. It was around my birthday and so tempting that I had to prepare. The night before the event, I actually placed stuff in the shopping cart ahead of time. Knowing ELF, things can get a bit out of control once the sale hit.

Usually, ELF has sales all the time: 50% off here, 20% off there, free shipping here, gift with purchase there. But 60% site-wide sale is rare, especially a lot of their items are $1. I added a whole bunch of stuff to the shopping cart after doing some serious research online. The total was $16 USD and I also got free shipping.

My loot

I actually brought 2 sets of brushes and one powder brush. The reason you only see 3 brushes here is because I gift wrapped them for my BFF as a send-away gift to grad school.

The shipping was a bit slow (10 days) and I did not received 2 items. I really wanted to try their mineral eye shadow primer but they ran out of stock. ELF has this problem of not letting people know ahead of time. Unlike other stores like MAC or Sephora, ELF does not really do back orders. So if I still want it, I have to re-order it and pay extra shipping. Well, I'll wait for another sales. It's unlikely that ELF would discontinue the mineral eye shadow primer anyways. It's their best-selling product.

I've been using all the stuff I bought and I'm very happy with the result. If you have ever ordered from ELF, a trick to know so you don't end up feeling disappointed is to search for reviews of the items you want. I know they don't cost much but what would if you can't use the products? They are just going to be sitting in a corner. It is very wasteful that way.

The brushes I bought are eyeshadow brush, blending brush (dollar item), and contour brush (studio line, $3). They are some seriously good brushes. I bought an eyeshadow brush before and this one is a backup. The quality control is not ELF's strong suite. Within the same type, the brushes I bought were cut a bit differently. I gave the better ones to my friend because she's a novice.

The tiny multi-use sticks are really nice. You can use them on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. I got Golden Peach and Lemonade and I use them almost everyday.

ELF Gotta Glow blush is a dupe of NARS Albatross. It is really glowy and I <3 it very very much.

But the best item is this one:

The brush belt!
I waited for a sale like this since forever! This brush belt costs $15 USD before sale and it is one sturdy product. The size and structure is similar to MAC brush belt, which costs $40. Since I have a lot of brushes, a brush belt is a good way for me to organize them. What you see is not everything but it's pretty close.

For those who've asked me if I'm free lancing, the answer is no. I'm more of free lancing on my face than on others' but I don't mind practicing makeup on your face if you let me :)

ELF has improved the quality of their products significantly. This company actually listens to their customers and uses social media to promote themselves very well. It has been a long way from their beginning of scratchy brushes and bad customer service. I am just very happy to see the improvements and will support his company along the way.

Disclaimer: I bought the stuff, they were on sale. For My Makeup Blog's disclosure policy, click here.

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