May Agenda

Hi everybody,

Wow, I can't believe almost a week went by without me blogging! Unbelievable! If it were last year, I would have freaked out. Back then, I was very into blogging and if I didn't blog, I would have felt empty. Also, back then I didn't have so many things on my plate.

Now, things look like this:

but without the nice desk!
Let's see what's in store for May:

1. Study GRE: I need to ride this bad boy hard to get 1200+ GRE score. My math is good but my vocabulary is horrible. I need so much work to improve my vocab. However, to think of it, my vocabulary is not that bad. Actually, it has been improving significantly since the last time I took the test. Of the 600 words in the list, I already knew 2/3 of it. So I only need to study around 200 new words (or words I don't have clear definitions.) It's not easy but it's doable.

2. Apply for PhD programs: I already narrowed down the programs I want to apply. Now it's the matter of soliciting recommendations and go through the application process myself.

3. Take the GRE test: please God, make this the last time I take this test! I don't do so well with tests, especially the ones on the computer. The last time I took the GRE, my score was about 70 points higher than in the practice test. Also, I got the perfect score for math part. I pray my math score is going to be as good :)

4. Blogging: as much as I can. Please don't pressure me!

5. Running Formula D Minerals on Etsy: so far, business is slow. I had 3 purchases during the last two weeks and it seems like Etsy has a problem with Canadian customers. And I know Canada loves me! Argh!

6. Writing that book: yes, I have a book I want to finish. And I think each and every single one of us wants to write a book one day. My mission of this year is to actually finish writing a book and cross it out of my "To Do List for Life." Now, getting it published is another thing. And I do want everybody to read my book. With this rate, I might finish it this summer and we will see how things go.

So yes, my plate is full at this point. The one thing I want is to get a job that pays well. The economy is tough right now and my field is even tougher to get hired. I just need to stay afloat in 2010 because I know 2011 is definitely going to be a lot better!

Also, if you haven't checked out giveaway yet, please join it. Can't beat 500 free business cards, can we?

If you have any tips in acing the GRE, please share! I want to get the highest score I can and I'm studying my butt off right now :)

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