Sand in My Shoes

Hi everybody,

What's up? Did you miss me? I hope you've been doing fine for the past two weeks. Yeah, I haven't been blogging for 2 weeks, y'all! Truth be told, all of the sudden I didn't feel like writing anything. Words that I wrote became meaningless and ridiculous. If that wasn't writer's block, I don't know what it is *smile*

How was your Easter? Mine was so good that I still have sand in my shoes. This is the first Easter ever that I was by myself. On top of that, most places closed on Easter so I told myself, "What the heck, I'll make good use of this time. Alone or not!"

Since I came to Florida, I always wanted to go to the beach. However, my hood is as landlocked as it can be so good luck with strolling to the beach during lunch hour. The nearest beach is St. George Island, which is about 2 hours drive away. For years, my friends and I have planned to go there for a day but always, things came up at the last minute. But mostly, I didn't want to drive.

Yesterday, I almost didn't go. But something inside of me told me I'd better do it or else. I was really a compulsive last minute decision. I had a print out of the direction, a bottle of water, my bag, and some cash. But before I headed to the road, this was what happened:

As if the set of Twilight was outside my door! So foggy!

And then this character came and asked for food. I gave him his usual chicken and he meowed "Gimme More" to me.
The whole trip, I encountered more fog and mists. When I crossed a six-mile bridge from the main land to St. George Island, I felt like driving in the clouds. It was so beautiful, yet scary at the same time since I could not see my surrounding.

When I arrived at the beach, it looked like this:

Yes, more fog!

Some seagulls on a sand dune. This island is covered in white sand and rated one of the top-ten beaches in Florida. Seriously, I'm not making it up.

This little part of the island looks like something coming out of Twilight, the movie. I expected some vampires to come out and play baseball :)
But instead, I saw a ship. Arrr! Jack Sparrow probably was here before heading to Disney to do that movie of his. You know, the one called "Pirates of the Caribbean"?
And then I found the light house. It is a rebuild from the old one that was collapsed from old age and a storm. Since I didn't want to shell out 5 dollars to climb it, I chose to stay outside and took pictures instead.
I ate here. The wrap was the best I've ever eaten! Subway wraps can kiss my money good bye :)

When I came home, this was what happened: clear blue sky. It looked like fog never happened or something! And yes, the beach was on my right. It made driving a lot more relaxing!
Now, I understand why Floridians do not have road rage problem. Look at the scenery: it's either a lot of trees or a beach or something beautiful. Even myself, a grumpy driver, felt very happy to drive back. If you happen to go to North Florida, I highly suggest you to go to St. George Island. On the day I was there, I saw a lot of folks from different states there. A couple of people came from Georgia and the car in front of me was from Louisiana. Also, a lot of folks from my state came with their families for a cook out.

The next time I go, I'm sure to pack some food, sunscreen, and lots of towels. Yesterday was too cold to swim and I was in a let's say, delicate situation to be in the water anyways. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my solo trip tremendously.


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