Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and More!

Hi everybody,

Happy MLK Day! This day, I am grateful for all of the opportunities I've had as a result of Dr. King's actions and perseverance to bring equality to everybody, regardless their races and background. Also, I am grateful for this long weekend that I am enjoying very much!

To support to MLK Day, please go to this website.

Also, the kind folks from Skin MD Natural are hosting a giveaway on their website. I reviewed their product and hosted a giveaway before (click here to read the review.) If were not a lucky winner during my giveaway, this is a bigger and better one for you.

Want to know more about it? Jump!

The prize basket is valued at $100 and contains the following

Bottle of Skin MD Natural shielding lotion
Bottle of Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 shielding lotion
One pound of See's dark assorted chocolates
Pack of Starbucks VIA Ready brew coffee pouches
Kiss Me coffee mug
A Cuddly teddy bear
Lollipop Bouquet

To enter, please go to this link: http://www.skinmdnatural.com/forms/valentines-giveaway.php and fill in the form. Contest is open from now until Feb. 7th, 2010 so please hurry up. Good luck, you guys! This is a really swell giveaway!

For those who are enjoying MLK Day, may you remember the man behind the day and what he did for all of us. Also, I hope you'll have a nice week ahead.


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