From Sephora Without Love: Used, Cracked, and Broken

Hi everybody,

As I get older, it takes much more energy to make me all worked up. When it comes to makeup, I have never had a temper tantrum. After all, it's just makeup and what's the point of throwing a seemingly yummy eyeshadow palette across the room because the pigmentation sucks? However, recently I almost lost it with Sephora on that 20% off sale at the end of last year.

My friend La Nunu Doll and I decided to do a combined order in order to use that 20% off coupon and get free shipping at the same time. La Nunu lives across the border and the DuWop Peacock palette costs an arm and a leg at her local Sephora. With the coupon and discounted price at American Sephora, she thought it was a good idea to do a custom purchase with me. After some clicks later, the order went through and after new year, a man in brown knocked loudly on the door and handed me a padded envelope.

From then on, things started to get stranger and stranger.

1. Sephora usually ships their stuff in boxes with tons of tissue papers. This time around, I received a padded envelope without a nick of wrapping paper whatsoever.

2. The palette looked really odd: it did not have any shrink wraps or anything. Usually, palettes from Sephora have some kind of boxes. The DuWop palette got nada!

3. This:

Yes, a dent at a corner of the palette.
Now, that's strange!

4. And it got even stranger, once I opened the palette:

I see wells!
The palette was used and returned to Sephora!

5. But the buck ain't stop there:

The 00-Glow 7 pan fell apart!
Cheesus Crust Banana!

Not only was it used and returned, it was broken! Yet, Sephora had the audacity to send it to me! I was angry at them and felt sad for La Nunu. After all, she really wanted this palette! After telling her about it, she emailed Sephora and got no replies. Then, she went to her local Sephora and the store manager told her to bring the palette to the store to exchange a new one. If I had a Sephora nearby, I could have done it for her but sadly, this franchise does not reach this neck of the woods. Also, by the time the package arrived, the discount coupon code already expired. Therefore, I could not get a new palette with the same discount for La Nunu.

Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog wrote about a similar incident but with a lipstick, which brings the ick-factor up a notch. At least I could tell things were off on eye shadows, as they leave marks. However, used lipsticks, lip glosses, and mascaras are hard to tell and if this trend continues, I may not want to buy things from Sephora anymore.

Have you experienced anything like this? What do you think about this issue? Should they restock returned items on the shelves? Please voice your opinions in the comment section.


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