Art Deco Eyeshadow Base Trumps All!

Hi everybody,

How are you doing? I hope everybody are fine and me! The cold that aggravated me last week is finally (and very slowly) leaving my system, yay! Now, I can focus and write properly again. For those who have followed me throughout the years, you know how fond I am of MAC paint pots as primers. These products are must-haves for those who have oily eyelids (like me!)

Some months ago, Gio from Beautiful with Brains and I did a makeup swap (details documented here) and she sent me a small pot of Art Deco eyeshadow base. From the moment I tried it until now, I cannot stop using it. As a result, my MAC paint pots and even my new UDPP Sin are being neglected. Yes, this eyeshadow base trumps all!

Art Deco eyeshadow base
Net weight: 5 grams

The texture is a but mousse-y to me
It becomes invisible after applied to the eyelid.

For those who wonder why I like this product so much, here is an answer: it does everything MAC paint pots and UDPP are supposed to do while making the colors pop more. I did an experiment with MAC Painterly paint pot and Art Deco eyeshadow base since Painterly has very similar texture to Art Deco: after applying each base to each eye, I use the same amount of eyeshadow and same application technique on my eyes. The result: the side that had AD as a base looked a lot more vibrant.

However, the flaw in the experiment is it is difficult to gauge the amount of eyeshadow I applied. So, I relied on the number of swipes I made in order for the colors on my eyes to look even. Again, I found that I had to use an extra swipe or two to make the paint pot side look as even as the AD side.

For UDPP Sin, I had to use three extra swipes to make things even. This is the worst base of the bunch in terms of making colors pop. I can't really tell how the original UDPP performs because I do not have it, but I do not recommend Sin as an eyeshadow primer at all. It makes my eye shadows look dull compared to MAC paint pot and Art Deco eyeshadow base.

For those who have not been reading the last 3 paragraphs, here is the summary: 
  • In term of preserving eye shadows from fading: all three products (MAC Painterly paint pot, Urban Decay Sin primer potion, and Art Deco eyeshadow base) do their job properly
  • In term of making eye shadow colors look brilliant: AD base> MAC Painterly> UDPP Sin
 There is only one thing I do not love about Art Deco eyeshadow base: the smell. It has a masculine perfume smell that tends to last a long time. Also, for those who live in America, I doubt you can get any Art Deco products in store since it's a German company. So, if you have a friend in Europe, I highly suggest you to make some custom purchases and pay the exorbitant amount of money for international shipping. Believe me, this eyeshadow base will not disappoint. After all, it trumps both MAC paint pot and UDPP.


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