L'Oreal HiP Color Chrome Eyeliner: So, So, So Soft!

Hello everybody,

Finally, I get to review something this week. Since last Friday, all that happened here were giveaways. In fact, we are still in the middle of the Caress Evenly Gorgeous body wash and bath bar giveaway. If you haven't joined, please click here.

About 2-3 weeks ago, my local Walgreens had a L'Oreal HiP BOGO sale and I gleefully came twice to purchase the new L'Oreal HiP Color Chrome eyeliners. Of course, to honor my Asian heritage, I had to come with coupons. After hearing so many great things about these liners from the big wig bloggers, I decided to get them myself and let me tell you, I made the right decision.

Purchase #1: Violet Volt (L) and Black Shock (R)

Purchase #2: Silver Lightning (L) and Gold Charge (R)

At $9.99 a piece, these liners probably are the most expensive things at the drugstore. However, the BOGO knocked them off to a more affordable $5 a piece. My $2 off coupon finally got me all four of these for a grand total of $16 plus tax! It's good to be patient and clip some coupons, y'all!

What can you get for $16 at the department store? Probably a single eyeliner that may or may not work as good as these guys. After living on drugstore liners for years, I've come to a conclusion that they are pretty good. However, these guys are exceptionally good and words on the street have that they are as good as Urban Decay 24/7 Liners that are sold at $17 a piece!

Top-bottom: Black Shock, Violet Volt, Silver Lightning, and Gold Charge

The swatch :)

These liners are really soft and pigmented. They glide very smoothly and have the same texture as MAC fluidline, which is a gel liner. The dark colors do not have that much metallic color in it but the lighter ones are pure metals. I felt like a rock star wearing Silver Lightning and Gold Charge. In fact, I've been wearing them quite often lately.

Here's a quick break down of the colors:
  • Black Shock: black eye liner with a tiny hint of metal.
  • Violet Volt: dark purple color with some metallic trace in it. If you don't use black liners, this would work well for you, too.
  • Gold Charge: this puts my quest to finding a gold eyeliner to an end. It's pure gold metal and the pigmentation is great.
  • Silver Lightning: mark my words, this is the greatest silver eyeliner from drugstore. If you've been looking for an eyeliner to line and brighten the lower lash line, please buy this guy.
 The one caveat I have is the softness texture of this pencil: since it is very soft, you need to use a light hand and let it completely dry. Otherwise, it can smudge before it dries. Right now, Walgreens also have another BOGO for L'Oreal HiP so please take this opportunity to get some of these eyeliners.

I think these L'Oreal HiP Color Chrome eyeliners are going to give the other liners a hard time. For me, I find no reasons to buy expensive eyeliners after this. These four liners already took care of most of my needs and I have the other ones available as well.

That's all for today, everybody. I hope you'll have a great day.


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