Cyber Monday Musings

Hi everybody,

I hope you guys had a nice and restful Thanksgiving. To me, I braved the cold dark morning of Black Friday and got in line at Best Buy to get a new laptop. For those who are my friends on Face Book, you already knew how I broke the keyboard of my laptop (I dropped it!) Until last Friday, I lived in panic of the sudden death of my dear Lappie (yes, laptop has a name.) Because my thesis and other vital things for my survival are inside Lappie, it was time to find a new laptop and smooth over the change of operation.

My Black Friday Best Buy adventure was actually really fun and I did get a new laptop at an affordable price. I hope this new one is going to last as long as Lappie, which has been with me for 5 years and counting.

Talking about irony: when this blog is taking off quite well, I am really busy with my thesis. This time around, I am determined to finish off this part of my journey and close this chapter down in my education life. Of course, this brings joy and fear to me: joy because I am finally finishing the thesis, and fear because I am going to be unemployed pretty soon. I hope the economy is going to improve so that I can get a job. Otherwise, I am going back to school (again) for a PhD.

But wait, we're not done for Monday yet. The GILTY Pleasures weekly blog tour is coming up next. This was supposed to be for yesterday but I was extremely busy. I hope to blog as often as I did last month, but don't be surprise if I don't blog a day or two. I really need to finish my thesis, guys!

Alison of The Advice Sisters shares some videos, photos & reports from Grace Potter & the Nocturnals at Terminal 5 in NYC a must-see , especially if you have never seen or heard Grace! !

Lisa of Bridalease suggests three wonderful wedding, or anytime options thanks to the Landings and Jetblue.

Dao from My Makeup Blog discovered Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, a wonderful website contains hundreds of perfume scents.

Gio from Beautiful With Brains shares some perfume shopping tips.

That's all for today. I hope you'll have a nice week ahead!


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