Time to Organize

Well, hello there, gorgeous!

Once upon a time, my makeup stash used to look like this: things I use often get to be stored inside the train case while other makeup items were thrown haphazardly in a plastic container. I call this the "dump" system. Next to the "stack" system to organize my paper, this way to organize makeup products is the worse. Most times, I had to dig my way through my stash just to get what I need. Also, the "dump" system causes me an illusion that I do not have enough makeup to play with. It's a vicious cycle:

thinking not having enough makeup -> buying more makeup to be stashed away -> not seeing how much stuff I already have -> thinking not having enough makeup (again!)

It got to a point that I used the same stuff that I put in the train case over and over again while pondering on where all my makeup goes. Then, one day it dawned on me the root of my problem is my organizing system" the "dump" method just does not work! Coincidentally, Target had a sale on their back to school stuff and I got one of this:

My new makeup organizer thingy :)
It has 3 drawers and totally solves my stash problem!

First drawer: eyeshadow palettes

Second drawer: more eyeshadow palettes and some single eyeshadows
(Picassa! again! Side way picture!)


Last drawer: blushes, MSF, powders, and a jar of lip balm

I also took time to make a lipstick organizer a la Enkore.
I watched his video way back but did not have time to make this one. And when I did, I did not even bother to look it up since the concept stays with me. Before, the lipsticks where "organized" using the "dump system" and it was very messy! I could not find the colors I wanted at all, gah!

Last but not least, my brushes and pencils. The ones I use often are stored in the brush roll but since I have so many of them, the rest are housed in a glass jar. The same goes to the pencils. I find it healthy to have my makeup stash organized. Obviously, the "dump method" does not work and no one should use it to store their makeup. If you have not done so, please take time to organize your stash. I find myself working through my daily makeup routine faster after I put them in proper places. These plastic containers are not really expensive but are very durable.

That's all, folks! Please tell me how you organize your stash. I'd love to hear :)


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