Pencisl, Straight from the Vault!

Happy Monday, everybody!

Next to my unequivocal love to mascara and makeup brushes is my love to pencils, you know, eyeliners and lip liners. I did not know how many of them I've hauled home until I did an inventory and holy mother of pearl, I have a lot! Take a look at my pencil army:

The first 12 are eyeliners while the last 5 are lip liners. Except for the first one, which is MAC Teddy eye kolh, the rest of them are super cheap. #2, 3, 4 are Wet n Wild, #5 is a Revlon liner, #6 is from NYC (great stuff, by the way!)

Liner #7 is the famous Revlon Colorstay pencil that I've had for a while now. I refuse to throw it away even when the mechanical part does not work that well anymore. #8 is also Revlon Colorstay but in liquid pencil form. This one is great and so easy to use. I am going to do a review on it soon. #9 is a Victoria's Secret liquid pencil liner in teal. It is alreayd discontinued a long time ago but the color is really gorgeous.

#10-12 are chubby liners and they work to a certain extend. So far, I've had the worst luck with chubby pencils although I really love them a lot. I really want to try NYX chubby pencils but don't know how well they perform. I hate to spend money on things that do not work that well.

The lip liners are uber cheap: the red one (#13 from the left) is from Rimmel London and is very fabulous to use. I really love Rimmel lip liners as they are soft and pigmented (and cheap, too!) You don't need to spend an arm and a leg on lip liners if you can get your hands on some Rimmel. The next two are from Maybelline NY and I think they are already discontinued. They are the remains of my dark lipstick wearing past and I don't wear them anymore. These liners are really soft and I hate to throw them away.

The tall lip liner (#16) is the famous Wet n Wild 666 lip liner that I love so much! I did a review here and urge all of y'all to go get it. It only costs a whooping amount of cash around the neighborhood of 99 cents!

The last one is NYX lip liner in Natural, I rarely use it as it is quite hard. I prefer the 666 over this one although they cost the same price.

I store them in a jar and this jar is really full for now!

You know what I just did? I just gave you a batch review (or preview) of all my liners. So far, the ones that work for me are either really expensive or really cheap. The exception is Revlon Colorstay, which is the best black liner in the market so far. For lip liners, I do not own anything so expensive and honestly, I do not see the difference between an expensive lip liner and a cheap one. The fact that Wet n Wild 666 is in the most popular lip liner list is the testament to that.

How about you? How many liner pencils you own? Do you have colored eyeliners or just stick to black ones? I'd love to hear from y'all,  so comment, ok?

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