Nail Polish Rendez-Vous: Revlon Silver Screen or $$$$$Yes Twin

Hi everybody,

Guess what happened when I started to write this post? I became my own source! Seriously, more than a year ago, I blogged about some MAC LEs and mentioned my love to a nail polish called $$$$$Yes (click here to read.) In that post, I basically said that I loved the shade but hated to spend 11 buckaroos on a bottle of nail polish. And since then, for those who believe in "The Secret", the Universe did work out a way for me to get a bottle of $$$$$Yes (pronounced "Cash Yes") without breaking the bank. I did get the doppelganger and for a while thought it looked familiar. Then, one day while driving, it hit me like a truck that I indeed wore something on my fingers that looks eerily similar to the coveted $$$$$Yes for a lot cheaper! While I proceeded to search for some info on the MAC nail polish, I saw my post ranked number 4 in Google search. So that's how I became my own source and whoever created the phrase "what goes around comes around" was so right. This nail polish came around to me big time, wowza!

Ok, if you survived through my incoherent yapping, you deserve to see what I'm talking about. Let me show you Revlon Silver Screen nail polish, a $$$$$Yest twin:

What do ya say, Cash Yes?

The bottle by itself
Pretty, ya?

Right now, if you try to get yourself a bottle of $$$$$Yes, it will cost you around $18 USD. The last time I saw it was from the Starflash collection and the first time it made a flash was from Heatherette, which sounds like a million years ago. Immediately, I was drawn to this silver metallic nail polish and if the price was cheaper (hovering around 8 dollars), I would have bought it. When I put Silver Screen on my nails, I thought to see this color somewhere before but did not recall where. Once I did (like a truck!), I also found out that Silver Screen has some purple flecks in it. It is very subtle but you can see it in the above picture.

You can also see the purple hue on my thumb nail as well

Pretty, ya?
It was actually a very good day as I did not make a huge mess on my nails.

A bottle of Revlon nail polish costs around $4-5 USD and on the day I bought Silver Screen, there was a BOGO at CVS and I had a $1 off coupon so it costs $2 per bottle for me. The Revlon nail polishes are very pigmented and 1 layer is enough (I went overboard and did 2 layers.) This nail polish did not chip at all during the week I wore it, and I was typing hard during that time, too. This color has some clubby vibe on it and as a silver metallic shade, it is not for the faint of hearts. When you wear it, expect to rock on (or at least feel like you're rocking on while writing your thesis!)

That's all for today, folks! What do ya think about Silver Screen, huh? Gimme some comments, ok?


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