Dear M.A.C...

Dear M.A.C,

Just a while ago, I went to your website to take a peek at your new limited edition collections and gawk at the beautiful promotional photos. While I did that, I wonder how I can super-size my bank account to match with your ever growing LEs. I have to admit, some of your most recent releases do intrigue me, until this one caught my eyes:

Yup, I'm talking about your new Zoom Fast Black Lash promo picture. You see, I'm a mascara addict and I always look for the next best thing that promises to make my lashes to look longer, lusher, and darker. So, it was my nature to stare, gawk, and covet...until I saw something strange in the picture. By the way, it took me about 10 seconds... notice the model's real lashes sticking out!

Really, M.A.C? Really? You put false lashes on a model to do a promo for a mascara? I know the drugstore mascara people have done it for a while but at least their people use photoshop to clean up the obvious oops. But this is way too obvious, man!

So while my homies beauty blogger friends rave about this new mascara, your promo pic puts me off. Now, how can I tell how well your product works? And while I'm at it, the current price of M.A.C mascara is 13 bucks a pop, nice! Just some years back when I started to fall for you, a Benjamin got me 10 of those babies. (That's 10 dollars per mascara, for those who have no clue what "a Benjamin" is.)

And if a girl can guess, I'd say your model wore a pair of number 7 lashes. Is it correct?

Thank you, M.A.C, for giving all of us a lot of makeup inspirations. However, next time please use photoshop, m'kay?


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