NYC East Village Nail Polish: Mermaid to Order What?

Hi everyone,

For those who’ve known me from my blog, I love blue very much. In fact, about 1/3 of my eyeshadow stash consists of various shades of blue. I have so many of them to quench my thirst of aqua colors. But using blue nail polish? Oh my Chanel, I’ve gotta try!

While summer is almost really over, the urge to wear bright color on my toes remains. Since OPI launched Mermaid to Order, a shimmery deep green blue nail polish, I always wanted it. But there’s a catch: it’s a nine-dollar bottle of nail polish! Then I realized it looks very familiar to something I saw at the drugstore. It turned out NYC, the super-affordable drugstore brand, launched a collection called "In a New York Color Minute" about a month or so before Sephora launched Mermaid in the Shades. The new and reformulated NYC nail polishes are free of DBP, toluene and added aldehydes at $1.99 a pop! Of course, I got West Village first and after lovin' it so much, I decided to get more.

East Village nail polish
(That’s Jen A kissing Drew Barrymore in the background)

East meets West
(L-R) NYC East Village and West Village nail polishes

East Village is a very good lookin’ sister of Mermaid to Order, after the Pinkberry district where Chace Crawford and his Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick used to live. It took me two CVS and a Target stores to finally get my hands on East Village. In a New York Color Minute polishes sold fast, and this particular shade flew off the shelf like hot cakes. And I don’t blame it: this color is gorgeous! It’s a sheer shade of blue green nail polish with shimmers. Sounds familiar? I think so, too!

Test card: I painted one coat each of East Village and West Village by themselves, then layer them together in the middle

East Village looks like a paler sister of Mermaid to Order but when I mix a coat of it with a coat of West Village, a darker shade of blue-green that I described here, Mermaid to Order can be really jealous. The mixed shade is stunning and complex. On top of that, I spent less than four dollars for two bottles of nail polishes! Life is good, I tell ya!

More colors!
On my nails (L-R): Greenwich Village (hot pink), Soho (light pink, suitable for weddings), East Village, Little Italy (patent white, notice the smudge I made before the polish dried), and Grand Central Station (clear polish)

These nail polishes really last and once dry, they do not chip easily. However, it takes longer for them to dry, as they are free of toluene.

That's all for today, folks! The weather is really nice in my neck of the woods and since the sky is still sunny, I'll stretch my days of wearing bright colored toe nails as much as I can. What do you think about the new NYC nail polishes? Give me your comments, ok?


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