A Letter to The Muse

Dear Muse,

You rock! You made my day when it was the darkest and coldest day before Thanksgiving! I love you so much, you are my hero!


Just in case you are wondering what I just talked about, let me break it down for you: last Wednesday, right before Thanksgiving, I got a bubble envelope from Izzie-san, aka The Muse! Ever since I started beauty blogging, this is the first time a fellow beauty blogger sent me something. And Izzie is not just a beauty blogger, she's the rock star of all beauty bloggers! I totally adore the Muse and love her writing style so much. I only hope one day to get to her level where I can churn out numerous entries per day. To do so, I have to acquire a vast amount of beauty products to review. Now who volunteer to give me free stuff? Raise your hands up already!

The loot from my dear Muse: a Jolly Rancher cherry lip balm, a Shiseido Maquillage lipgloss, a Wild Friends scented notepad, and a slipper notepad that is incredibly cute!

The truth is I only asked for the Maquillage lipgloss but Izzie was so kind to send me a real loot! Thank you so much, Muse! You really made my pre-Thanksgiving day much better and therefore, my Turkey Day dinner was so good. Before, I could not imagine how internet friendship would feel like but I can see it now, thank to you!

I really love that Maquillage gloss and use it everytime I get out of the house. It matches my natural lip color perfectly and I am so glad you sent it to me. The Jolly Rancher lip balm is cute but after licking my lips too many times, I decided just to use it at night when I sleep.

Again, thank you very very much Izzie! And to the rest of you, please hurry up to her blog to read her reviews. Please tell her I say hi as well!

Take care everyone and I really want to give y'all a hug right now!

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